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eheh merci ! :)

thanks !

awesome package ! i used it on a jam game, you can check if you want ! :) Rumbling Tactics by Antoine Nisoli (

omg the feedbacks when a enemy is hit are so lit, awesome gameplay. It needs more feedbacks on the enemy's stun though it's pretty hard to grab them actually

very cool game, the feedbacks and the gameplay are on point. however, i still don't know why i should use the builder, and there is no feedback to tell us if we can actually build a block or not. Also the player's drill is pretty slow so it's reducing the game pacing a lot, i think making it faster would make the game more dynamic. Good job !

thanks ! Fortunately i fixed the problem and now i know how to adapt to diferent resolutions ! :)

i've fixed it, thanks for the comment ! and btw the theme was optionnal you know ;)

yes it have an end ! i'm a very bad game designer so it's not impossible that the game feels too hard or too long lmao

merci ! oui c'est ce que je me suis rendu compte en y jouant, c'est assez contradictoire ahah je changerais peut être ça dans une v2 d'ailleurs

pretty good platformer, but it seems that at some point the game is soft blocked because godzilla just destroyed a whole platform above me and there was no more way to get to it. Otherwise the controls are good, maybe you should say in the game that you need to press up AND left/right to jump, it wasn't clear

very well paced, the game become a rhythm game at some point it's really effective

truly an amazing game, very polished and effective. Love those Vampire-Survivor-like games like this ! If i had one feedack to give, i would say that the game start is pretty slow because of how the xp gem radius is short, but that's very minor.

love the shading style and the global mood, but it needs more gameplay though

The amount of polish and quality is insane for a free game, what game engine did you used ?

j'ai ajouté un build .exe sur la page ! oui c'est un problème qu'on a mais pour le moment c'était arrivé a très peu de personnes...

yeah we had a short amount of time to make it so the game still needs some balance and playtest :/ thanks for the feedbacks !

Loved your video ! Thanks :)

Thanks !

thanks !

have you tried the "5" key on the numeric keypad ?

Thanks !