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Epic idea

Shhh dont expose haxors secret update plans



The architectures dont have a texture in that version.  Just click on the blue box in the Architecture menu and you can make your CPUs.

Oh no. F

Will the next update be released in my lifetime?

Not added in this version. You can only do it through console by typing "save" or "load"

There is a text box that says "Processor name" above extra features, put 1 character into it. You managed to get in game so text boxes should work.

Could you describe your issue and provide your PC specs, so I can look into why it happens?  You can do that directly in the Discord.

While its loading, yes.


Its HT! 2019 now.

Can  you replicate what you did, and provide a screenshot?

You can't mix'n match cores, you have to remove the old ones from the die first.

Yes, grass textures are replaced with anime faces

Try the Download version, its newer anyway. Although there will be another update tomorrow.

I'm fully aware of that. That's why its called Hardware Tycoon 2018  :)

Your names need to be at least 4 characters.

Only way to save for now is to type Save/load in console, you can find binds for it in options.

Hopefully within a week

You cant. they are not added yet 


No it opens Calculators every time you do something & then it sets your PC on fire. (Only if you have AMD tho)

Thanks, ill keep working on it.