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homophobics are more likely to be gay lmao

also dont you have anything better to do

also no one asked

I don't see why that's mean, it's a joke and you just apparently haven't been on the internet

Homie I could cook an egg on that hot head of yours.

This game is very stressful, I'm always worried about breaking an egg or starving my poor chickens to death. They run out of food a lot, even if I downsize. A destress game was the entire selling point. Unhappy I couldn't get that.

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It's the workaholic anxiety


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Oops sorry about that-

My favorite part about theorizing is being terribly wrong, because it goes to show how different human experiences can cause everything to come out out of even a single vague line :D

Still gonna finish my theory for that reason lol.

Hey, me again, I may or may not have started a fandom page with no experience and need your help lol

EDit 1 done ;-;

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HeY LoOnY!! Allow me to vent my theories here, as I lost controll of my life and don't have discordddd. wooo...! [Spoilers} [Play the game don't look at the comments going in blind was the best thing to ever happen to me] [Make sure you played SHOWTIME! dis is a sequel bestie]









SO A-HAHAHA I BROUGHT PICTURES (The 1st game is refferred to as SHOWTIME! and the 2nd is STATIC)

you can freaking tell that's walker's father, right down to the way he makes his facial expressions, also don't know if he missin an eye or that's just the classic trope of a-hahaha he gon die why go through the trouble of makin shit symmetrical.  He got the friggin antennae thing that's attached with the line thing. the mouth, the yellow, and the color scheme matches up MMMM character design 10/10

SAME THING!!!! Color scheme... facial expression... we finally get a deeper look into the very best boy. HE WAS  A TODDLER AND HIS DAD JUST death he just- toddlers can't process emotion so its no wonder he was so awkward with his social life and just was terrible about breaking bad habits. Also that bunny is marketable as sh-

OMG just realized my mans dressed in a suit ohh shitballs

He grew up with most likely  a slew of mental illnesses and his mother  was probs just struggling emotionally and financially cuz now theres only one person to support the family.

Also he musta just wandered off outta curiousity or whatever, he must blame himself for.. (i dub thee Walker Sr) his father's death.

So yeah, also do hey have like BLOOD FILLED CABLES or just ENTRAILS or ??? SOMETHING?

please excuse me for any insensitivity in this next segment, if you have a problem with it, please feel free to correct me or ask me to remove it in the comments, I don't wanna bash anyone's disability, google is not correct 100% of the time, and living with mental illnesses and a disability myself I will be completely understanding. <3

I think walker's a cryptid, which seems like a no-brainer theory, but allow me to go in depth lol. So, I ASSUME Y'all have gotten the true ending of SHOWTIME! Which if you haven't stop romancing him true endings are cool.

I believe he's a gud lil boy, up until Walker Sr's death. He spilt into 2 different people, one that wants to forget all his trauma, and have the childhood that was stolen away from him, which is walker. The other is Newman, one that vents his trauma and protects the safety and happiness of walker. For example, he only attacks you after you reject him in SHOWTIME!. Newman is so very bottled up by walker and IS walker, in reality. That's why he said he made him in showtime. Newman knows that the childhood he so very wants isn't real, so Walker isn't. Newman is the og and Walker is the newer one.(?)

Due to Newman being bottled up feelings, he grows angrier with every feeling suppsressed, and therefore more violent.

I mean, according to google, most personality disorders stem from childhood trauma, and I think seeing your father's torso get dissected by an eldritch horror of your own "kind" and thinking you're to blame qualifies.

After all Newman did stem from Static so, that's why he was his inspiration...

(Images ain't working again, COMING BACK LATER.)

Once again, sorry for any insensitivity.

OH hecc- Okay- I mmooched off my sibling to get the true ending anyway-

Walker or Newman, IM downbad for outdated technology

I HARDLOCKED THE GAME!! I went to menu right after inputing the name and now it says "file not found:./data/system/Config.tjs" restarting my computer or refreshing doesn't help. Please help, I love this game. :((

*cries in knowing the fact my farmor tries to pass on her culture*

Rylan ain't got no weaknesses like that say less

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Good Boi Chekup: Getting relationship tab [MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS THE FARTHER YOU GO]

rylan is better than edward could ever be change my mind

You can't

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Hi! Big fan of your games, they're all perfectly crafted and I adore the way the graphics are, although I think this game needs a prominent flash warning due to how many times you die, it can flash- Like I said though, I AM A HUGE FAN (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

I definitely didn't go through every email in the database...

I love this game, please do note that you have a superfan on your hands. I might even use government assets to support you, chief style. 👉👈