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Yes, but he was nicer about it. Being rude doesn't help anyone

Thank you for the explanation! This is a much better way to deal with it if you ask me

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Alright so tell me what ketoacidosis is and how you treat it? Without googling it thank you very much.

First of all, why would it need to change anything? Second, that's rude. Just because I'm not a computer geek does not mean you get to call me a moron. If I started asking you a bunch of things about music or medicine I bet you wouldn't know much about that. If you want anyone to take you seriously, be nice to them. You could just answer nicely and explain or just leave it alone. 

Seems a little sketchy. It wants me to give it permission to change things on my harddrive?! No thanks. 

It was working at first but now it's not! It seems to try to load but dosen'r. I'm pretty sure it's just my computer tho. It isn't really meant for gaming

Oof maybe pay attention instead! But yeah I get you sometimes the teachers just ramble!

I'd really like to play it but i just get stuck at the loading screen!