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Yes, another update! (i am aware that  I'm late lol)

Very sad to see development on this game come to a close. I thought it had far more potential.

So is this the end for your take on Siren Head, or are we getting that storyline update you mentioned...?

Hi. I've been following this game for a while now, and I'm very sad to see it move down from #1 on browse to #2. I'd really appreciate it if you could tell me if there are going to be any more updates, thanks.

Technically, yes - there are a few. Siren Head can drop you to your death or, on occasion, slam you into the ground. If you press 'z' when the option comes up, Siren Head will crawl (very quickly) straight at you and kill you. Other ways to die are from fall damage from the ranger's tower, Lamp Head can crush you, and you die in the water if you touch it. But the main endings are finding that Siren Head got to the cops before you did, and giving up. But, we did recently get news that UndreamedPanic is going to further continue the story once she(?) addresses the bugs and issues.

I know that I've already posted a comment on this game, but this is the best game I've seen in years, and I have a few suggestions that I think could improve it. 

  • First of all, an idea somebody else mentioned in another comment which I'd like to elaborate on. I think as you continue to play, the game should send you in a slow descent of terror. This can be done through shadows beginning to resemble Siren Head, your screen slowly beginning to glitch out, your ammo count decreasing without you shooting, making the player question everything that they do, locations that they've previously been to should suddenly be overgrown with dead trees and roots, and an idea I think is especially good, which could be the trees seemingly becoming closer and closer to the path.
  • This would be a hard one to implement, so I'm not exactly expecting to see this feature. I think when you pick up the rifle you should have no ammunition, and your character should say something along the lines of "There must be some ammunition around here". In the ranger's tower there could be three draws. One with ammunition, one empty, and one locked. You could add an extremely hard and risky side quest that rewards you with a key that opens the draw. Inside you will find a flare gun. I don't think there should be an option to take it out. When you find the location where you were supposed to meet the police but find that Siren Head got there first and rushes you, I think everything should stop for three seconds, and two options should come up on your screen that you only have access to if you collected the flare gun. One is to fire it at Siren Head, and the other is to fire it in the air. If you choose to shoot Siren Head, you should regain control of your character and be able to run. But as you can guess, Siren Head will ultimately catch up. The second option should have you look up in the sky and fire it off. After that, a cutscene should play which pans over everywhere you've been, and I think should end with a shot of a bloody picture of you and all of your friends, with the edges parts ripped off. Specifically the faces of all of your friends should be blotted out with blood. I think during the cutscene you should hear two rangers talking over a radio. I have a rough idea of what they should say. 

"Did you see that?"

"Yeah, that's a flare."

"The only flare gun in the meadows is in the ranger tower!"

"Seems like somebody's in need. Must be the person Kirkman contacted."

"Luckily we dispatched those rangers when we did."

"But the cops already got there... I think... I think it got whoever sent off that flare."

"You're right! I heard its sirens right before it went off, but I can't hear them now..."

"We have to call off the rangers."

"But what if anybody survived?"

"Something tells me that's not the case. And if I'm right, whoever it was would most likely want lives to be saved."

"...yeah, you're probably right. I'll alert Kirkman."

  • To make the game slightly more interactive, there should be lanterns around that you can turn on and off. It would reinforce the feeling of safety in some areas like the cellar, and make you even less comfortable leaving them.

This is unlike anything I've ever seen. When I heard about Siren Head gaining popularity, I was delighted, as I had already seen the old game. But this? This is just on its own plane of existence. Also, I'm delighted that this game is still receiving updates, I think it has a ton of potential. (On a final side note, add more easter eggs, we all want them)