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this game absolutely gutted me, very special experience and such a big and sad world to be put into a game this size. the characters and soundtrack will always have a place in my heart

holy shit.

its been a year but i thought it'd be helpful for others too --- i got the screen but after just waiting some minutes for it to load it started just fine

this is possibly the game ever

i love these kitties

fucked around with the knife too much and it broke before i could use it to clear a path </3

fair enough, long live the maggot machine

so fucking epic why is there a baby though just a little curious

the atmosphere is super cool and the last part is creepy, but the game as a whole is kind of mind numbing. i spent such a long time mashing buttons trying to advance through the long inactive parts that i was just completely over it by the time anything cool actually happened. i swear those winchester archives screens took up like half of the game. maybe that's just my attention span tho

that's awesome news omg!! the development videos are so cool

that's it i'm adopting mo

ik this is a few years old but i think its really impressive how u were able to make something so effective with mostly just sounds and subtle(ish) visual cues. not being able to interact with stuff made it less like a game but it also kind of added to the atmosphere and the feeling of helplessness when playing. also i cried so theres that

u weren't lying this is definitely an experience

holy shit this is one of the best games ive played in a while, just the atmosphere and pacing of everything is just so so cool, also love the mechanic of interacting, everything is just insane

the neuralblender backgrounds are so cool<33

holy shit

really really love this

man the end is fucking terrifying!! love this game


i cherish this game can i drink the gender fluid

i gotta admit. it's a really nice hallway

nice try demon but im not going to maryland

comfy feeling in a weird way. really nice. :) i think i might have found a secret


this is so cool!!! jaw dropping in many ways lol! im glad someone else finds these concepts intriguing and it's awesome that you did so much research to make this :)) it's very impressive and i loved playing it

i downloaded this game a couple years ago but i still play it often ! there's something very special about it

beautiful!!!!!! it reminds me of old flash point and click games, but obviously in a really good way :]

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my view keeps spinning slowly to the right even when i'm not moving my mouse :\ it's really annoying and I'm not sure whether it's intentional or not, this game looks so cool but i dont wanna keep fighting to stay still when i want to--


thank u for the detailed rating B)

the alamy stock photo wood texture was a very nice touch <3 i love the art style too it's very cute