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My Favorite plane is the F-35 now; fast enough to travel long distance and can land almost anywhere to enjoy the scenery way above you like your actually there on the ground.  Question: Is there any way to enlarge the engine function instrument section and shrink the plane missile display?  This is not DCS, so missiles are not very important to me here and you can hardly read the engine function section.  Also; how do you step back out of the right side display after you select one of the menu options on the first screen? Thanks for your hard work here!

I've been enjoying your mods very much. Thank you for the hard work here! I've been trying to modify the Jets to my tastes and would like some help if your willing to direct me to the right parameters:

1) The rattling sound while maneuvering plus the pitch instability feels/sounds more like flying a F-86/MIG-17.  Deleting the "rattling" section in the sound file I think fixed the sound issue. Will adjusting "pitch stability" fix this in the flight.cfg to smooth out "the shakes" when turning? 

2) Any parameter to adjust wheel brake strength?  Takes forever to slow down plus rudder or brake turning is very weak when heading to a parking spot.  Been messing with toe-brake-scale but doesn't seem to have any effect.

3)  Any parameter to increase the HUD brightness?  On the F-35, It's washed out most of the time.  Plus anyway to get a HUD working in the F-22?

4)  The F35 MFD glass display looks great by the way. However when you select one of the options on the right side, there is no way to step back out and select another display function that I can find. Also since this is just a flying sim, any way to replace the left center missiles display with a larger version of the engine parameters display? You can barely read that section and is more useful than looking at a big plane silhouette with a missile loadout. 

Thanks again for your work here plus any assistance you could provide.