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Amazing game, fast and fun.

5/5  Congrats!

Amazing game, simple and fun.

5/5 Congrats!

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Creepy game, i like the sounds! Congrats.

I love the concept, great game. Congrats!

Insane game, congrats!

Interesting game, wish it was longer. Congrats!

Good little game. Congrats!

Good game! Congrats.

Such a different... but lovely game! Congrats.

THANKS  for the claps ladies and gentleman!

Amazing game, upgrades made it fun. Congrats!

Amazing game, upgrades made it fun. Congrats!

Just won now, nice game! Congrats.

Good game!

Lil Bean is so cute! Good game!

Bleebo is so cute!!!

Great surprise, , that's an amazing game. Congrats!

Good game, i like it!

Good game! Finished the 2 endings ^.^

Weird game, i like it .

Cute doggo!

Ok, that's a great game.

Pros- Love the controls and the part that you can upgrade your skills.

Cons- (not really cons...) - I wish it was longer, 2 or 3 more chapters. Bosses are too easy, especially the last one, maybe put them more challenging.

5 stars, congrats!

Good game! Congrats.

Thats a very fun game and, had a great time playing it, maybe more upgrades would be nice. Congrats!

Good game! Congrats.

i loved this game

I like the design of the creeps, nice game!

I played the first time yesterday and quit at the tower part, now i finished the game and  i really liked a lot, the atmosphere, the monsters are fast and that makes the game really scary, and i love that type of ending, this game deserve more upvotes, nice job! Keep going.