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great job!

whats yr discord?

np, i would def invite you. can you follow my other profile "nielisson"? or add me on discord. nielisson#5607 ^^

i loved it!!! the sounds are amazing!! make sure we can't go beyonde the surrounding mountains =)

amazing job !

ahh ok ty

thats amazing!! i love his style!! do u have his discord ?

well done! i was talking about this font:

AWESOME job!! what font did u use?  =)

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The midnight gospel? i love the aesthetics ^^ what is the name of the font u used?

yea,  i didnt have much time to draw a lot, so i went for the MVP.

i will post a fakescreen of the game.

So beautiful, how come it took you 48h to make all that ? not judging, just want some insight hehe maybe im too slow

poor animals. Go vegan !

the programmer abandonned me =s

So beautiful ! I am wondering how u guys made the background. I noticed that there is some dynamic lighting going on. THanks !

solid entry! great job, i would just remove that notebook filter, it would be nice to see the game a bit more contrasted

Grandle Jam community · Created a new topic quick question

i was actually thinking of holding a similar game jam in the future. What would the be the legal issues that could prevent u from doing this jam? could u have put the name of Steven Universe in the title?

I really nice, but I had a lil problem :

in the second level, it gets too hard. But yes, I understand that this is a game jam game; GG guys

aw, thanks, Brian. Yea, I am learning how to code. I usually do the graphics only.

thankss haha =)

so beautiful. loved it

I really enjoyed it. Congrats

nice game. i pressed space, nothing happened.