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Anthony A. Jumelles

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So whens the full expanded deluxe edition release or crowdfunding campaign? 😉

Big fan of the use of dialogue to provide scenario info in a non-hamfisted way!

I really want to subscribe to SokPop but the lack of Linux support consistently breaks my heart.

Huge fan of Mario vs Donkey Kong so I am super stoked to see this game!

Feel free to get in touch if you want some help cleaning up the English for your Itch page/posts and the game itself. 

I would love to lend a hand.

Unable to launch the game due to the bug 'Unable to preload the following plugins:'. So there's a Unity issue on Ubuntu 18.04

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Boy howdy, this is an absolutely gorgeous game! Congrats on the demo release! Hope this sees release.

Keep this graphical consistency. Everything feels tight and uncluttered thus far.

Stoked to see this release! Has a lot of potential to be a cross-platform hit!

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Makes perfect sense, Linux users are big fans of PWYW and tend to be generous as a result. Happy to be an owner of every Puppy Game!

Any plans on rolling out Linux support?