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the dad is kinda *sweats hard*

is the soundtrack available for download or available on Spotify?

sunny is that you? /j

Bang dream but on computer

Its fine dw! I downloaded  it again and it started working, but there was a screen that popped up saying that there was something missing from the script and if I wanted to proceed playing. Also wanted to say that the game is astonishing! It gives you like an relaxing and scary theme since you may not know what can happen. So is the birdcage game (forgot the name of it sorry)! I hope you have an awesome day/night!

Oh sure! I deleted the files but I will see if it works if I download them again. Also sorry for responding late 

I don't know what you mean by specs, but I get a small screen and it looks like a loading screen when I click the phone idk. Also I have a windows pc

The game keeps crashing when I click on the phone