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I just played the game, it was really good and funny. I love Isayama!

Thank you for the update. I really look forward to the Kickstarter when it comes out! 

My review of Episode 6.... AHHHHHHHHHH. That concludes my review... But in all seriousness, this was soo good! Very much worth the wait, and this has me even more excited for episode 7! Good job to everyone who worked on this!

Thanks for the update and the walkthrough!

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This is so good! I'm instantly hooked, the funny moments are great and Enoch is so adorable, very Golden Retriever energy which I love. I enjoy all the other characters too, especially Mrs. Potts and her granddaughter! I look forward to the extended demo.

I love the story and characters so much! Especially Damon and Calderon. I like the flirting options are clear as well. But I do kind of wish that were more shyer flirting options in all the routes. I can't wait for what will happen next!

I'm using the app and yes I have been able to download other games

Hi I wanted to try the the demo, and I don't if it's me or the game but it won't let me download the demo for Windows, it's getting a error, saying it can't read the property build

RockRobin community · Created a new topic Hi, Cheat Menu?

First off, I just want to say this game is great and I'm really enjoying the characters. I'm sorry if I shouldn't be asking and if I'm bothering you with this, but I was wondering if it was okay if I could get the cheats? I saw that you sent them to some people in other posts, but those were from a while ago and I don't now if that has changed now since I saw you can get the cheats if you buy the premium. Again sorry if this was rude, I was just curious, as I have a hard a time with stat raising type of games, but if not thank you for reading this.