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Stop wasting this man's time with your stupid comments! Linux sucks and you should get a new pc/laptop! No not linux! An windows one because mac and linux sucks a lot!

Stoopid!!! This game is for the phone not for pc! YOU STOOPID DESCRIPTION SKIPPER! Look at the desciption before trying to download stuff b____!

Hello! How do i play with my friend because we  press on heberger then i get his ip and press rejoindre and nothing else. It just gets me to the main menu! Help!!!!

Hey! Can you please in future updates make this game multiplayer because i really want to play with my friend multiplayer horror games and this one is the most horror game we found so far on! So if you will do a multiplayer update then let me know and reply or idk send me a message to my Discord : GalaxyDoge Antelino#7244