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cool, but sometimes you have to wait a lot for a word

I fell in love with this game 

I saw it on youtube some time ago! I love this concept, would it be possible to also compile the game to webGL? I would love to also be able to play it in the browser

loading levels is very slow, even returning to menu is very slow

I mean like 5  minutes of just black screen

my processor is used in 5%, SSD 2% and GPU 10%

THIS IS AMAZING!!! It was kinda hard at the beginning and I wasn't expecting much from it, but it came out as a great game with a plot! Thank you for this masterpiece

keep in mind that lot's of glass pieces would crash webGL

what a plot twist at the end!

Can you compile it to webGL form? I have Chromebook and I would love to play in browser

The game is amazing! I haven't spotted any bugs so far (played for like an hour), but a game without a saves system is useless for me. Why play this game any longer than a few minutes if you can't even save it? So please, add a saves system and continue working on this great masterpiece!

AMAZING! It's hard to find such a good game on but THIS

love it!