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I don't know if you've checked the lore devlog post, but there should be hints there. Or the artbook, though that one is paid- of course, it doesn't say anything explicitly about the story afterward or Jester's true origin, as explained why in the devlog.

Thanks for testing the Android build!🥰

1. I wonder about that😏and can you imagine Edel ever blushing?😀

2. Thanks >//<! I use Painttool Sai to draw!

Question and answer has been added in FAQs!

Thanks for answering the questions!

And yeah, I actually do. I have two younger brothers and the youngest one is forced to helps out with the game testing (and VA screening)😂

The full game is (hopefully) for full release next year.

For other questions, you can refer to the FAQs page!

They make it sound easy, but there's a reason why not as many indie otome devs (or indie VN devs, for that matter) port to Switch, especially not free titles😅

The only way for me to ever port/release on Switch is if a publisher offers to do it for me.

Thanks! Glad you had fun ^_^

Nope. The MC doesn't.

There are actually people who have already expressed interest in hard mode😂

But yeah, it's also fun to think of ways on how to make things harder so don't worry on that part 🤭

It's free!

We're hoping to finish by early next year.

One route has already been completely written and all the BGs are already done. Once the other two routes are written, we can continue full steam.

Aww thanks!

I do imagine my stories as anime first, so haha😂 

It makes me happy to get the approval of Greek myth enthusiasts.Thanks!🥰

I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Feel free to return and post again once you complete the game🤭

What do you mean? You're supposed to choose her name. If you're ok with Teresa, just click enter?

Of course!

We have a plan... but as for whether or when we can execute it or not is another matter😅

You can DM me on Twitter!

Like have them give your MC a nickname? As long as it's appropriate, yes.

I can't promise anything, but my publisher is open to releasing it on Steam; though one thing is for certain, it'll be released here first- no simultaneous release. Additionally, it'll probably be a 'different version' due to certain Steam release rules and guidelines.

The full version will not be available for browser due to size limitations.

It'll be available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux though.


Have you tried picking the first choice before the flute event?

The demo should tell you where it officially ends, so that's not the farthest you can get through in the demo.

I'm happy to see people who are fans of the original source material enjoying this ^_^

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Oh ok. It's fine, I was just a bit confused by the way you phrased it😂

And thanks! Yeah, I'm also the artist for the game since I work solo most of the time.

You mean if I drew this? Yeah.

Glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

Then you've already gotten all the relevant endings. There are some endings there where they don't end up married, right?

If you really want a 'bad end' without CG (it's a bleaker ending than the others), when there's a choice to trust him or not, pick -don't trust him-.

Did you check the CG gallery if you've completed them all?

Bad ends don't get CGs, though some friendship endings do.

Which CGs are you lacking?

Please sleep 🤣😅

Anyway just try downloading Renpy, the visual novel engine and it should have most of the tutorials you'd need. For more advanced stuff, you can check YouTube or Lemmasoft forums.

In case people wanna play blind, don't look below.


When you have a meeting with the Snare agent aka Edel, pick "ask about The Boss", then when you're in the garden when visiting Vicenzo's place when Edel tells you that what he'll do next will depend on your answer, pick any option but pick fast and don't idle around.

Then whenever prompted to snitch on Edel, don't snitch. Later when you're underground with Vicenzo, pick backtrack or tell him everything is stolen.

Aw thanks! <3

The current early beta has a short extra scenario. It will be updated later for everyone later on, but early beta will get to access updates first. Early beta will also get copies of the full game first once completed- before being made available for everyone.

Harem end is unlikely since the LIs' personalities wouldn't allow it.
As for being top... if you just mean whoever's taking the reins in the relationship? It'd depend on the route, but she definitely wouldn't just submit to them.

Has sweet memories come rushing back to him? Did he trace his fingers on those haggard walls within their keep? Was he exiled? And does it still stand? Has his duty called to him?

(tbh I kinda want to make a Jester animatic for this... but I just don't have the hardware.)

Cause Ending 1

The project lead hopes to finish the writing this year, so we do hope to have it released before the year ends or early next year.

I can't promise anything, but my publisher is open to releasing it on Steam; though one thing is for certain, it'll be released here first- no simultaneous release.

Hi, thanks for commenting!

And yes, this is still being worked on. The assets are mostly complete and we're just waiting for the writing to finish before we can continue development.