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Thanks, darkPrince010!

Oh, I could have gone on for days with the Guardian threats. Some of the more complex ideas (thankfully) were cut due to time. Yeah, I would love to even do a set of threats in different combinations for "levels" or different adventures that the Explorers could embark on. Maybe even a campaign mode where the Explorer player can swap out cards from the deck or gain abilities for having certain cards in their stack. There's some good possibilities I am looking forward to exploring.

Thank you, Adalil. It was totally inspired by Necron-map games like Mechanicus and Space Marine Adventures.  I have enjoyed those a lot lately.

As far as special skills and the like go, yes, it was a space thing, but also a asymmetry thing. With the Guardians having a monopoly on the abilities and special powers, I was hoping the simplicity of the variation of the Explorers would thematically contrast it. Secretly, I would love for everyone to have cool powers. That is a lot of fun.

Much obliged. It was a fun game to put put together. I thought about cards, too. I might turn it into a Print and Play or physical game at some point.