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I keep getting teleported randomly. Not sure how this works

Kind of pushing the limits of what can realistically be called a 'game'.

It's a been a full year since you played Island Walk. Do you ever wake up at night thinking "I wonder how many boxes I would have found in that island walking game if I had just played it for a bit more than 3 minutes"? Do you think you could have found ALL of them? I bet you couldn't. Some of them are pretty well hidden, like in the forest on the 3rd island. Maybe if you did, you would actually be the only person to EVER do it! Imagine that. If Island Walk ever got famous, you'd go down in history as the first person to EVER complete it! Anyway, I'm not saying that's what you should do. Of course, you probably have better things to do than getting lost on a fictional island hunting for allusive boxes. Anyway, those boxes won't find themselves.

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In the FAQ, the host has clearly stated this is soley a jam for TTRPGs, yet many of last year's submissions were not speech driven, GM guided games, and the title of the jam is 'One-page RPG', not One-page TTRPG'. I'm just trying to get some clarity as I'm personally a bit confused about what exactly a TTRPG is. Wikipedia says it's exclusively those which are guided by a GM and have speech to drive actions. D&D would be a prime example. However, the words 'tabletop', and 'role play' alone seem to suggest any RPG played on a table, such as Gloomhaven or Hero Quest, would fit the bill.

Does it have to be a TTRPG? I noticed that many of last year's submissions were other forms of paper-and-pen RPGs, not only narrative driven / GM guided TTRPGs. The title of the jam doesn't allude to it only being TTRPGs either. 

I personally prefer the minimalist pixel style graphics, unless you're planning to change the game into something different.

looks great. I can't wait

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I was referring to the Haunted Almanac. Any plans to do a reprint of that, or something similar?

sold out :(

I'm a pdf man myself, but nice to see it's available in more formats.

Great game

This is a seriously good spaceship lander type game. I absolutely love it. I'd love to see a game like this with a huge open-world labyrinth of tunnels with settlements buy/selling fuel, air, cargo, etc. Transporting people....

Really loved the training levels. Really interesting game physics. Started Adventure mode, only to see pay-to-win functions already prepared (but not implemented. IMHO devs should concentrate on making a decent robust game first before adding PTW.

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Who would have thought space would be such a cold and lonely place. I won't be able to sleep tonight. Amazing game. 5/5!

About as useful as a condom machine in the Vatican - Perplexing, humourous and a complete waste of time.