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I really liked the change in look depending on your evolution. Unfortunately, there seems to be a softlock in the sky area after the Fairy boss (I couldn't leave the room, there were no exits).

Great video, thanks!

If you got stuck due to aspect ratio/weird UI, I just implemented a fix for 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios. If you could try again that would be much appreciated :)

I might have misunderstood. I thought the screenshot was partial, not the entire screen. If the lockup was aspect ratio based/weird UI, I just implemented a fix for 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios. If you could try again that would be much appreciated :)

Implemented a fix, hopefully it's better now. Again, thanks for letting me know as I might not have ever realized.

Yes you are absolutely correct and it was my mistake to not notice it sooner. My plan was to quickly setup a web build with the desired resolution but unfortunately that backfired and I completely forgot to check different aspect ratios after that. Thank you for letting me know, I will post a fix when I can.

I really liked the wordplay and take on the theme. I noticed that in the browser the camera is messed up unless full screen (at first I thought it was the game). As you mentioned, there is no sound unfortunately which I think would be the next best upgrade in terms of features.

The funny thing is that I didn't notice the similarities with Her Story until I coincidentally saw a playthrough after the jam. Definitely was a risk for this style of game but I appreciated the experience. Thanks for the feedback!

Have you tried clicking "agents" in the article? I apologize for the unclear instructions.

Hi, I'm sorry to hear that. Can you be more specific so I can look into it? For most of the game you should only need to click on certain words to progress. Was there a problem with the game mechanic or something else entirely?

I really liked the hand/cringe theme here and how the gameplay tied in with everything! Unfortunately I got to about 64m (right before a new level) and it suddenly crashed on me (no idea why though).

I liked the over the top theme of emo conversion. Just wanted to point out a minor bug I encountered in the final scene where my camera was offset a little bit downwards, so I could see the blue background with the the first line of credits there. My camera was reset when a certain enemy hit me and I flew into the sky (not sure what happened).

I enjoyed how both the theme and the mechanics were simple but felt good when combined. The holding hands part confused me, since it seemed like it was going to be something important, but there didn't seem to be anything except a heart effect (not even a heal). The only real criticism I have is that the collision of some objects felt a little bit off compared to their visual (or maybe it had to do with more of the player's movement, not sure).


I really enjoyed the atmosphere and art set up here! I am going to nitpick two things though :)

- Defeat screen when a visitor buys the house seems to repeat; the game seems to continue

- Main menu quit button seems to include the swinging thing in its hitbox (just seemed weird to me, haha)

Cute little game with a fun idea. Just wanted to point out two things in case you were working on it further:
- In the final fight, the hero's text gets flipped when he turns around (haha)

- In the fight with branching paths, I encountered a bug where I killed all the goblins, but when the hero started to talk to me after a white screen, a goblin was there and killed me, resetting me to the beginning of the fight

It seems to be broken still.

Hi, I would like to join the Discord but the link in the jam description is broken. Could someone please provide a fixed link? Thanks.

Thanks! The difficulty curve was indeed something I was worried about. I will definitely work harder on it in the future.

Nice concept. I liked the idea and general gameplay but not having a tutorial really hurt. I couldn't really tell what the green diamond in the perk shop was, and everything else came only after a lot of trial and error. Also, escape returning to menu without saving was a bit of a bummer the first few times I did it accidentally.