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Soo....It me again with another KICKSTARTER NEWS from dev

Let see what we got

quick update 2 (*NSFW*)
January 6, 2022

  • About the game

The game is not dead, I am still working on it!
I am learning video editing and rewriting some of the game code(Still regretting not pick unity for game engine instead of Renpy).
Because I am no expect on video editing, so a lot of try and error for this part.
In total there are around 200 short animation to edit, I am at the speed of 20-30 a day.
Here are some of the edited animation.

( I want to post the video but....No spoiler I guess )

I plan to release a updated vision of the game next week, I will let you guys know where to download once it's ready.

  • About me

I am moving again soon, this time to a seaside city.
That's why I quit my job recently and finally have time to work on the game again.
I thought I can work full time while making game, which is too naive of me.
I'm too occupied by a lot of tedious things, I wish I can have more time and space for what I really want to do in my life.
But I guess I cant tell my family I am making H game and don't want to go to work, haha...
After I move to the new house, I will have some time to settle down before I have to find another new job.
Hopefully I can finish the game during this period of time.
Once again, thank you all backers for your patience.
The game should be finished years before, I am truly sorry for all the delays and troubles.
It's a bit late but Happy new year! I am sure things will get better this year!

Link on where I get this if ya curious

So...the game is not dead ? Absolutely YES

Be patient and have a good day.


Here ya go

For someone that curious about what happen to the game Then this is an answer for ya

KumonosuGame Creator

August 9, 2021

This is my to-do list of the game, I am working at movie editing now, adding sound to all the animated sex scene.

Basically all contents were added to the game, just need to edit it.

To be honest I underestimated the amount of work of this project, my inexperience is all to blame.

Thank you guys for your long patient to this project.

Event editing
Event 9, 11, 12, 13
H event 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Ending 1, 2, ng, tu

Gift reaction
Gift menu food, cloth, other (done)

Conversation reaction
dl 7- 37

Item editing
Item info, price, placement (done)

Movie editing
Adding sound effect
Label adjustment
System change

CG size edit (done)

Add Japanese
Add Chinese (maybe)

Final System adjustment
Romance’s value
Item price balance

Credit screen
Add backer's name

PS: I have been working a full time job at uk, it's physical labour so nothing special to talk about.
It also surprised me that you have to pay that much for council tax and TV licence haha.
In general I am getting used to the life here.

Still wait for something to change.....

Yeah still waiting

OH THANKGOD We are so worry about you. I mean you gone silent for week !! Well at least you are ok. Take your time. We can wait.

Well... As I saw in some comment. The official suppose to be release in chrismas day.

Can't wait to play the full release. Actually I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME. When the full game will be release ?

sooo scary ( good game )