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Mr. Anonymous Chowdhary

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You know my older P.C. was becoming a useless grey box. It became so slow, it just couldn't handle Windows, and I needed an alternate O.S.

LaptOS saved my P.C. from going boom!

Yo! I am Mr. Anonymous (I ain't tell no-one my name) and I help people find great games on online game markets!

Screenshot from store page. © Moonwalk Entertainment.

While browsing through the store, I came across a great time-killer by Moonwalk Entertainment called StickWar 2D. The game is like an upgraded traditional castle-defense title with an amazingly wide range of weapons (a pistol, an SMG, a sniper-rifle, an MG, an RPG, even NUKES and more), supportive guns (a 'Superheavy MG', a 'Golden Cannon' and more), enemies (standard enemies, buyonettors, military jeeps, military tanks, nuke carriers and others) and areas to play in ('Battlefield', 'Abandoned City', et cetera).

I recommend playing the game once as I have found it to be a fun, engaging and (at times) difficult game which has pretty cool cartoon-styled graphics and an overall good gameplay quality. Also, the game's grandest feature is that it is made by a 14-year-old school-going teen. How cool is that?!

The developers say that an improved version of the game will be published to the Google Play Store as a Google Android build (*.apk) in September this year as well. By then, you can enjoy the game by clicking here.

DISCLAIMER: This recommendation is not condoned, sponsored or forced by Moonwalk Entertainment, its parent, its subsidiaries/branches, its partner organizations/individuals or any of its representative.

Like the tank thing man!

LOVE the TRAPS and BOMBS and OIL BARREL thing!!!

very good!