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Whew, great job on the storyline and art! The atmosphere is like sitting next to a cold fireplace, and the music just puts you on edge. Almost like the adrenaline the protagonist feels when they win or lose.

I'm genuinely curious to know if there is a third ending? Like if there is a possibility for a tie to happen between the Human and Death, and what the ending would be like.

Again, I think you did an awesome job with the game!

I hope everyone has a happy new year too :)

That was a nice, short little game. I don't quite know what they are either, but it seems like they're experiencing an existential crisis. I (think) there are three different ending phrases, to anyone wondering. Thank you for creating this game <3

This is an emotional game that puts you into someone else's shoes. It felt frightening (and stressful) just playing it, I can't imagine what it felt like for people in real life who go through this day to day. The '3 minute walk' felt like a really long nightmare. 

Thank you for creating this game and helping me and others understand more about anxiety. It must have been hard for you and for other people who are experiencing that. I hope you're doing better now. And I hope you continue to make games like this <3

Why? What makes this 'cringe'? 

ngl your comment is pretty cringe

Won't include any spoilers.

Loved the game! The music and art style creates a really creepy atmosphere, I always get tense and anxious every time because I don't know what's going to happen next. Would say I was concerned about the people's sanity though. Thought there would be jump scares but there weren't any (in a good way - I'm not a big fan of jump scares). Definitely got my heart racing! I haven't had that feeling in a while XD Plot is great, the controls are nice and it's generally good overall. 

If you're looking for a bit of fear and an interesting (and mysterious) story, this game is perfect! To those who may be cautious, worried or scared about playing this game: do try it out if you feel comfortable enough to, it isn't too scary but will get your adrenaline pumping. 

Well done to the creators & keep making awesome games! <3

Thank you for creating this thought-provoking game and having the courage to speak out about it. I was in a similar situation too last year during the pandemic. There are so many people who are or was in the same boat who may not be able to voice their experiences and feelings but this game gives them a voice and raises awareness about this issue. 

I'm proud of you for hanging on through the storm and I'm proud of you for being here. You are an amazing person, you deserve all the love and support you need and you matter. I hope you're doing well and wish you all the best in life.

Keep on going, take care and remember to look after yourself <3