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hey, guy, are youo gonna... finish this, maybe? if not, then sorry for pestering you. i hope ya do, heh

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and one thing i just came up with, is this a game you plan to make an online connection match up thing for?

it did, that was pretty funny

Created a new topic that last question

you sire, are a genious, hats off to thou

i'll be watching

i love it, can you please make a sequel?

is this uhh, "accurate" informationif i wanted to date you in real life [im joking]

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is this a 32 bit (x86) game?

k, cus it would be cool for this game

is there multiplayer?

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how do i start the game? when i enter it does some sort of a commodore thing and i have no clue how to do this

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how do you like, build and stuff, when i start it shows three bricks and a mario