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You gave us some GOOD scares with this. Thanks for making me deeply uncomfortable. :) 

Enjoyed the game, man! Thanks for giving us some entertainment! 

As always, we love seeing your work. <3 

Of course!! Please let us know when you do your next game, we'd love to take a crack at more of your work. :)

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We. Loved. This game. 

I genuinely cannot recommend this enough. It has plenty of endings, replay value, and lots of creepy tension. For a first attempt, this is impressive. We spent well over an hour trying to get all endings! Thank you for making this, we had a lot of fun. :)

LOVED this, as usual: 

LOVED playing this. We had a great time when we streamed it, so thanks a bunch for creating it! Even got a few jumps out of us! :) 

Can't wait to see the full product ;) We had a lot of fun with it as usual. 

Played the game on our channel... there are a few REALLY good screams in there most of the way in. So classic and enjoyable. Thank you! 

We played a little of this for our stream, and we had a lot of fun with it! Thanks for making it. 

As always, we loved playing your game. :) Merry Christmas, and The Screaming Closet hopes to see more of you in the new year. Feel free to let us know when you put something new up! You can bet we'll play it. Thanks again! 

We had a lot of fun playing your game! IT was TERRIFYING! There were many screams, squeels and giggles, and I'm so happy we had the chance to go through it. Thanks for making it! 

Hey! Wanted to let you know that we played your game, and we REALLY liked it! One of us is a musician, so he was definitely stressed, and it got some squeals out of us for sure. Thanks for making it, hope the video and our dumbness in so many aspects entertains you! 

Played this as well, and had a good laugh about it. Truly, nothing is as terrifying as retail. :) 

As always, we love playing your games. Expect more from us as long as you're making them, and thanks for the punch in the feels. 

Hey there, we played your game on Screaming Closet. Got some good panic and jumps out of my co-host for sure! Thanks for making this, hope to see more!

Thank you for making this game! It was a real trip for us, and we had a really wonderful (and pretty freaked out) time. Hope to see more by you!

This was immense amounts of fun! My cohost and I ran into some snags, but I don't blame the game for that. We had a blast, thank you for creating this, and please create more!

Had a fun time playing this! You got a scream out of my cohost, which is wonderful. Thanks for making the game! 

We gave it a shot on our stream and hooo boy. We were very stressed out and had a lot of fun, which means I think you really nailed it! 

Nah, next time I'll just scream randomly at my co-host. Gotta keep him on his toes.

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We usually do horror games on our stream, but genuinely? This was insanely creative. We were super impressed by this game! (even if I was a lil drunk...) 

Hey! Once again, loved playing through a game you made. Apologies that some of the footage got ruined. Thanks Twitch...But we had a good time. Please do make more!

We has a pretty awesome time toying around with your game!!!! I hope others play this, it's truly underrated. 

We had a fun and TENSE time playing this game. One of us was definitely more creeped out than the other. Nice work. <3

LOVED this game. I really did. Way more to it than I expected, and I feel like we only scratched the surface. Thanks for making this! 

...we played the game. I think.

I definitely needed an excuse to yell Spongebob quotes. You gave me just that. Thank you for this bit of silly spooky fun. 

I don't think we even scratched the surface of this game during out play-through. The gradual change from vaguely funny to darker and darker was unexpected and welcome. Got some jumps out of us for sure. 

Loved this. Stumbled across it while we were streaming, gave us some fun giggles for sure. Our video of it:

Loved this. Stumbled across it completely by accident while streaming and had worlds of fun with it! Did a video of it here, thanks for giving us some silly entertainment!