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We has a pretty awesome time toying around with your game!!!! I hope others play this, it's truly underrated. 

We had a fun and TENSE time playing this game. One of us was definitely more creeped out than the other. Nice work. <3

LOVED this game. I really did. Way more to it than I expected, and I feel like we only scratched the surface. Thanks for making this! 

...we played the game. I think.

I definitely needed an excuse to yell Spongebob quotes. You gave me just that. Thank you for this bit of silly spooky fun. 

I don't think we even scratched the surface of this game during out play-through. The gradual change from vaguely funny to darker and darker was unexpected and welcome. Got some jumps out of us for sure. 

Loved this. Stumbled across it while we were streaming, gave us some fun giggles for sure. Our video of it:

Loved this. Stumbled across it completely by accident while streaming and had worlds of fun with it! Did a video of it here, thanks for giving us some silly entertainment!