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Hello there,  i just wanted to ask,  will the art become more detailed in the future? 

And will the loading screens improve?

Surrender option in the curfew and combat? 

I enjoyed the game a lot and replayed a bit regardless of the shortcomings, i unlocked every current scene and will happily support it, just saying because it worries me a bit .

When i say more detailed art i just mean accurate depictions in images of what's happening in the lewd scenes, "may as well read lewd books" comes to mind. 

I think the curfew guards lewd "scene" is the best because of the variety of choices, i would like more of that, (with art) mentioned because everything else just works in the moment with context and whatnot, more casual (accessible at any time) and complex scenes (like the curfew guards) , partners (given we now have friendship or something stat with some)  are something that right now the game lacks,  again, probably very obvious/irrelevant issues i didn't need to bring up or mention,  mostly my two cents on the matter