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I wasn't too sure about the art style, but gave it a chance and it's honestly pretty damn good.
Well written, realistic and well structured so far, gonna be on lookout when it comes out.
The art grew on me after a while too, it's got an interesting melancholic charm.(edit = typos)

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My compliments to the artists. The art is very high quality and the monster/character designs are great!

(Dunno if the artist(s) takes commission at all, but damn.)

Music and ambience too, it's fire. Kudos to you two.

(edit) The story as well is fire, forgot to mention that too.

Pretty fun so far. Keep up the good work

Damn the art is great. Awesome shading, it's so clean.

And that it's consistent with the in-game images (forgot the word for those, oops), not just the sprites. In a lot of games the sprites look nice/alright, but the full-screen custom images look very off to the character's design/terrible. So major kudos here.

The writing is way better than most BL stuff I try on here (and that are complete games here or elsewhere as well...), so props to that too... forgot that was a demo and not an actual complete game xd.
Love that the MC dude isn't a short bland stereotype ''BL'' boy too, both in looks and personality.

That and details like pointing out that Hylo's jacket clearly isn't helping with being incognito xd

So far I really like Hylo (+) and Ash and the dynamic with the MC, it's pretty natural and didn't drag.
Looking foward to more if that happens.

Since this is just a demo, dunno about the choice affecting much, but hopefully it's not super linear with the dialog options (grinding love interest points). I get that this time of dialog branching might be hell to code and organize though, so just a thought, not a complain.
(+ like the person below me... that jacket + a purple shirt is not a look imo )

Is it required to finish everyone's route before the ''secret'' one, kinda like in RE:H?

Agreed with you there. While I'm trans and gay, I still think you shouldn't force someone to see private parts they shouldn't want to see.

Maybe not ''turn off'' trans characters, but maybe make them post-op with a button so that you don't have to see genitalia you don't wanna see instead?
Just a suggestion, seems like a good compromise

I was honestly expecting dumb cringy stuff, but it was dumb funny stuff lol
That intro got me good with the op starting ahah

Same lolol

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The art is pretty great. Really like that the trans guy isn't a short, effeminate trap-like guy, like I often see in most art representations of being a trans guy.
Story is also pretty fun to read.
Refreshing and cool.
(edit) Too bad about it being cancelled I think, but hey, it happens.

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I mean, 16 and 21 (''18'' and 21 now) is weird, but he def looks like (young) child, not a teen at all. I think that's what makes it worse.

+babysitting scenario. What actual 16 yrs old would have one, wtf

Took a chance with this game and I have to agree with everyone else, it's pretty good.

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That hugeass jumping spider is SO CUTE. I didn't think that would have been one of the romances ahah

Don't ever romance girl characters, but damn she is cute I might do her route.

Also, art is nice. Cool monsters.

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Cool concept, mocking the BL tropes a bit ahah That's very much needed I feel xd

The art isn't my thing much, but it isn't kinda cool still. I'm gonna play that one for sure.

Prob won't play it since I only play as male, but daaaamn that artstyle is awesome.

I'm not the biggest fan of sex heavy stuff personally, but I really got into the story for this one, which I didn't expect. The characters are intriguing, and I really, really liked the music.

Def gonna look out for when it comes out.

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So far I like it (played as Jace).

Kinda refreshing to play as a closeted bi dude, not seen that anywhere else.  (vs ''Im not gay I just like you'')
The dialogue is a bit unnatural and stilted, but overall it's fun so *shrug*

Ah, and the art isn't too shabby either. Nice colouring and all.

Dumb question though: where is the save feature?  I've pressed a lot of buttons, but haven't found it anywhere ^^'

Oh thanks! And waiting for those new chapters. Good luck with the writing!

Really like this game. Fun characters and story!

What did you use to make this though? I'm kinda curious.

Oh damn, nice art. Finally dudes that look like actual dude, hell yeah.

Honestly, it's better to take your time with this kind of project, than rush it and ruining the ''choice impact'', or story or other factors in the process xd

I'd rather wait a lot more and the game not sucking in the end, than getting a half-baked game with a poor execution!

So take all the time you need! (And good luck with it really, seems a pretty complex concept to make right xd)

Seems to not be the only link that is buggy though, so it might be an issue with the website. 

I checked other random demos, and yeah, it works half of the time. So no worries, probably not your bug.

From the website

Not sure if it's a bug, but when trying to download the chapters 1-3 demo, the link appear for half a second then disappear so I can't actually download it.... Any idea what that is? Or any way to send me another link or something if not?

That's a pretty neat gameplay style you got there, never seen one like that before. Nice.

And good luck with the coding, might be a bit tricky with that kinda gameplay I think? But yeah, cool prodject you got there.

no worries! :)

Just a typo heads up, you wrote ''bought to you'' instead of ''brought to you'' eheh

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Ah,fair point, true, some of the lines are a bit confusing

Maybe they just need to proof-read though.

(or I guess I could help with that, if english isn't their strong language. Hit me up Meduza eheh -jk-)

Oh, take all the time you need though, you can't rush perfection ahah

And thanks :)

Aw, glad to have made your day :

That art style is so cool and quite unique, I quite like it. And I'm pretty hyped for that game of yours buddy eheh.

Keep up the good work! And have a nice day :P

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Damn, I don't comment on these usually, but the artstyle is so good. And the rest too ahah.  I'm pretty hyped for that game of yours, which is rare since I'm pretty critical with these xd

So keep up the good work buddy (or buddies ahah), cuz it's a pretty strong start from you guys. Will find a way to buy this when it releases, definitely.

And have a nice day!