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Hey Daniel! That worked! Thank you again for your generosity. I will read this as soon as i have some sparetime. Very much looking forward to it!

Hey Daniel, thanks for the link (I also do not see how one can contact a creator on itch but I am pretty new here ^^). Unfortunately, if i go to contact, it does not seem to work for me. Or at least i do not see a form that i could fill out. And my browser is up to date.

Maybe you can contact me? Sorry for the hassle! (i leave you my Email, just in case - soulofthewildcard<at>gmail<dot>com)

Thanks again!

Hi Daniel, that's so nice of you, i really appreciate the offer! I do not have a twitter account, is there a possibility that i can contact you privatly here on itchio or through E-Mail?

Hi Daniel, this sounds super interesting! But can you tell us a bit more about what is in it? And will the world be built upon or is this just a one-off product?
Out of curiosity : will there be community copies again? I can't afford this (unfortunately for lots of reasons) but am always interested in asian rpg material.