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Hey Komi! 

Fan of 3 years here (and coming back after being gone for a bit). I see you change versions from when last I played back in 2022. I was wondering if there was a possibility to get my save data to work in the new version or if I had to do everything from scratch? 

If there is no way, it is fine, I'll just speed run it haha. But, if there is I would like to know! 

Thanks for the fun game as always (Something I picked up on a whim back in its early days of 2020 and didn't think I'd enjoy as much as I did haha).

As asked, I have shared a spelling error. "Feat" not "feet". 

Anyhow, good game!

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(Edited for slight spelling errors)

What a game, I most definitely will go back and see how everything else plays out because I'm curious about that. For my first play through however, I managed to obtain the Terra Zero Sum (#7) for my ending. 

I regrettably killed many life forms over my play through until I realized non-lethal was the way to go, but I think I made up for it. I'm definitely going to try for Proven Pacifist for NG+

I do have some nags but they're mostly unimportant, one of which is the romance option with Rivers and how you never see her again after she gets carted away when you and Shay go to visit the ship. But, I understand if it was just a small side quest. 

Anyhow, I'm not sure how good "Heart of Humanity" is but it sounds like a pretty dope title. Overall, a solid 9/10 experience. 

The "empty" ending kind of made me sad, but otherwise a fun and cozy game! I liked how different each ending was, got the artist ending my first try so I guess that says something about me lol.

Enjoyed it, and while I almost died a few times, it was fun regardless.

I figured out how to get the good ending. When he says he doesn't think it'll work out, don't choose anything and wait. Then when time runs out, say you were distracted and he'll say he needs to come clean... then you can choose either option, and that's how i got the good ending

First try... got a 100

It does work on browser, you just need to fullscreen. And if that doesnt work. Just zoom out a bit. 

Worked for me

It does work on browser, you just need to fullscreen. And if that doesnt work. Just zoom out a bit. 

Took about 30 minutes of experimenting, but I finally won out with being stealthy. Incredibly engaging game, i'll be sure to wish list it on steam!

I don't much care, but the clarification is cool I guess. 


I must say... even if I know nothing of Danganronpa but a few tidbits of info... I must say, this was fucking comedy GOLD

12/10 - Would laugh my ass off again

When it's ready my guy

Holy hell bro, how died chrome not die on you my g.. that's like 50 or 60 tabs open right there

This was a, as the kids say, "pog" experience for sure.

Had fun with it for a while, thanks for the fun game! 

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Accurate simulation of my dating life. 

But all jokes aside... a fun little twist on the bullet hell genre, genuinely loved it. 

Pretty good detective game with a unique twist. Loved the soundtrack as well! Had a bit of trouble with the battery puzzle until I threw it into the mac as a guess. 

Great fun all around! 

Alien is truly a CSS wizard.... too bad it's nigh impossible to write anything on Tetra Games let alone reply to somebody.

The CSS is strong with this one

Alien is truly a CSS wizard

Dude really said: "Do a barrel roll" 

My guy actually messed with the source code of his page to a whole new level. 

Well.... that's a publicity stunt if I've ever seen one

Interesting game. I didn't know exactly what it was at the start but it drew me in without my knowledge and here I am writing something after accidentally playing this game for 2 and a half hours lol. 

Was a fun and unique experience, thanks for that. 

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Perhaps. As long as you replied is all I care about.

Also... How does one click on her thighs? Do you click on the skin or the black pants? Because I can't click on her thighs, or at least they never seem to do anything

I guess a late reply is better than no reply. I'll give it a try I guess. Thanks for the help.

Fun game... had the sudden urge to listen to Razormind whilst playing it. One of the cooler 2D games I've seen on the platform. 

Thanks for the fun game.

s w e d i s h m e a t b a l l s 

Interesting game... gave me a chuckle, thanks. 

What a lovely game with a lovely girl named Almond...

too bad she had to die

I legit can't get pass Orange and I guess this is where I stop playing today. Assuming my data gets lost come a new update... I'll stop playing for good. 

312 pearls aint enough smh. I know her ears, and her belly are weakpoints but they don't work sometimes... idk if there are other spots i'm missing or what

What a beautiful homage... on PicOS at that! I genuinely felt your love for the game come through this one. As a die-hard fan of SuperHot myself... I couldn't help but wanna play the original myself after completing this. 

Thanks for the fun play! 

Oh yeah, boys... it's time to yuri it up! My first yuri VN, let's see how it goes!

Quite an interesting VN. I normally don't read that of the yuri/yaoi variety... but since it's from you guys... I figured it had to be worth my time to check out the demo. It was more than worth my time, so much in fact that I  just bought it on steam, and looking to see how it goes! 

Will update a review if I remember too once I finish playing. Guess I found my weekend project, haha. 

It's a shame I missed the Kickstarter funding period. I would have definitely done the $120 AUD or $91 USD option if I hadn't been busy with work and such. Oh well... I guess I'll just have to buy the premium edition when it comes out. 

This has been the most disappointing moment of 2021 for me. HOW COULD I MISS OUT ON FUNDING SUCH A GEM?! I blame my job and social life. *long, heaving sigh*

I'll def buy the game when it comes out though. That's a promise. 

Came back to this game after I saw it in a youtube video because it's just that fun to mess around with... the waffles especially. Chad Waffles vs. Virgin Pancakes

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A great and beautiful VN. I definitely will pay for the full game. 

Can't wait for more! :D

A truly beautiful game aestetic wise. The art style is gorgeous and I felt myself sad that it had ended so quickly. I found it funny that giant snails had taken over and had myself wondering why there were giant skeletons around the place. I generally found myself wanting to know more about this place and it was a nice play for sure. 

Thanks for that US. :D

I thought it was too lol. But, I'm pretty sure they didn't intend for there to be RWBY refrences

Awww... damn. So, I played through the entire thing? I was hoping for more story, but I guess I'll take the beauty of the game I got in stride. 

Thanks for an amazing game my dude. :D 

Luna is best girl just gotta say.