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I introduced this to a couple friends of mine that have been stuck on D&D and Pathfinder for a long time and I've happy to give this a very big five star rating!

It's such a unique game mechanic at its core, and incredibly interesting of a twist - my players had a couple harder moments where they were discussing what it was best to use from whose grid, knowing there was an extended job up ahead of them and wanting to conserve their resources was a big feeling. They had quite a lot of fun with it, since it adds more risk than the systems they're used to.

We did wind up swapping out the "what's in your pockets" for the homebrew method of handling inventory that I've been using with them for a while - mostly because they like the freedom that method offers and are a bit attached, aha. 

There are a couple different ways I'm curious to see how it would work with shifting the grid around, so I fully intend to mess around with this some more - it certainly helps that the vibe and tone are absolutely my favorite combination of things, so I might even see how well I can run something set in my original 'verse with this too.

I absolutely adore this! The theming of the grids is glorious, and the rules are well laid out and easy to pick up - as easy as picking up a set of dice, I should say.

Loving this app so far, though I've noticed that the reminders doesn't seem to be sync'ing up with my time zone?

On the main page, it displays my current time just fine, but if I try to set a reminder for say - 5am (it's 4 am now) - it adds it to the Archive rather than to active reminders even though the time hasn't passed yet. The first hour that it'll add it to active is 9:00, anything between now (4am) and 9am just adds to the archive instead.

I'll test some later today to see if it just won't let me add reminders within 5 hours. It appears to let me set things for those hours starting tomorrow, though.

Will edit with my findings.