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Opa, vlw mesmo cara, atualmente to procurando algumas parceria com alguns produtores de conteúdo pra criação de tutoriais com os assets, vlw mesmo pelo suporte.

of course, send an email to

Hey, thanks a lot for the feedback, and I'm already working on it, in fact, are you already part of our discord? there I am updating everything, and soon these packs will receive updates with some enemy heroes and weapons

What a great job, you used the assets very well and creatively, thanks a lot for sharing, if you want, you are very welcome on my discord, I can share the game with the members there, Discord link on my homepage

ey, thank you very much, I'm glad you liked the asset, unfortunately creating a character in 4 directions triples the work needed for creation, and my idea here is to create a pack that has a lot of variety and works in many projects, to create a lot of variation I I had to give up the directions unfortunately

yes, many others actually, I want to create a tree of characters derived from the 3 main ones

any of the options above 3$

Yes, I hope this is also practical for those who work in game development

no, the angle of the characters is only lateral, so I can work on more variations

you say top down in 32x32? yes, I have an asset that I have plans to migrate to 32x32 in top down soon, while the Pixel Crawler series will remain in a 16x16 environment with 32x32 characters


must be a previous version, I will upload a new one, sorry

actually the pnj file is available inside the "assets" folder

ey, thanks a lot for the warning, I must have forgotten the file when I extract everything, I will solve this later today in the new update

yes, this animation went to the essentials list, so this enemy will get an update with the hurt animation and the next ones will already have it as default

the secret is to keep doing it until you have a good amount of products, and only make it your main job after a while

I still have no idea how many enemies there will be in total, but I guarantee there will be many, but about the boars, the idea is to add one more

thanks for the feedback, i will add this animation to the list

thank you very much for the feedback, probably the icons were left out of the folder in the final version, I will send a new version including these folders

yes, that's exactly what I'm working with right now

your music is amazing, I am a creator of sidescroller environments and assets and I have been selling my arts for a few years, currently I am putting together a bundle of my environments and effects, I would like to know if you are interested in joining in a partnership for you to sell some of your songs together. 

if you are interested send an email to

ey, I've been an asset creator for a few years now, and I found all your stuff in the store amazing, I was wondering if you're interested in a partnership for a bundle, if you're interested send me an email to ""


yes, a new wave of updates is coming and the idea is to add at least 5 new enemies to the pack and some npcs


the worst imaginable fate

oupa cara, vlw d+, fico muito feliz em saber que vai usar os assets, se tiver alguma outra coisa que você acha que pode ser util ou importante pra o desenvolvimento de uma demo, me avisa e entra la no discord.


download fee? no, everything is completely free, and will continue like this until the end

Of course, I'll add the palette to the files in the update tomorrow, as I didn't follow any specific palette, I'll try to create it based on the sprites

thanks a lot for the feedback, I'm working on improvements to the background, to make everything a little bigger at this point and make the character more natural, as I wanted to give more details to the character, anyway, join our discord to follow this development

thanks for the feedbacks, i'll add water as soon as possible and i'm already working on flying enemies

try clicking on the discord image at the bottom of the pages, say hi if everything goes well on discord

work on it

I'm glad you liked it, if you have any content suggestions for this asset let me know

just apply a "soft light" effect on the layer where the light is

thank you very much, I hope you join discord and share what you think should be added to the package, this package will grow according to the demands of the developers, so if you need something specific, please share.


yes, send an e-mail to