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assets are free to use in commercial projects "ll the assets here are totally free for commercial use and the like."

all are made in 16x16, with some larger decorations, such as 32x32 iron boxes, and wooden boards, but all tiles are set to be used in 16x16.

thanks, they are made in pixel art, available in full size 1:1

new assets available in the store, this time with the theme "sewage" was something that I really enjoyed creating and I hope you like it too, follow the link below.


Thank you very much, of course, I'm always here if you need.

Yes you can

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yes course, no problem, keep an eye, these assets are being reworked and will have a much higher quality in a few days (and will continue free for use).

thank you very much for letting me know, I will check immediately and add.

thanks you, yes, today will be available on patreon

It makes me very happy to know that, really thanks for the compliment, it made my day better.

Yes, totally

/\ this assets pack:

in November 2017 a great friend tried to teach me how to create games and to program in unity, he could not, but he left something with me, admiration for the art of games in pixel art, so after that day I decided I would be good at it.

sorry if they are a lot of pictures, I tried to summarize a year in the most important and striking for me.

from November these are my works in order of production

As I work with environments, the resolution was always important, but at the beginning I had no idea of this, today I use two very often
384x224 and 496x272

here I had no idea how lighting worked, I did not have much experience with drawings in general, my inspiration here was hercules of ps1 /\

in this above was when I was encouraged to create my first package of assets, you can find it here:

my first study based on a real image, this is very important when studying pixel art, do not pic only references in pixel art. /\

here I created my second package of assets, from that point I focused on different ways to study, which gave good results (I'll talk about later) here you were in August 2018. Asset link:

this was my first paid job, here I learned something very important, hold your colors, do not use many, when you limit yourself in colors and shapes you discover new ways to solve problems (here I could only create assets in blocks) /\

reused the assets of the pines and tried to create a closed forest, my error was in the leaves, here I used clusters too large

Pirate ship

my first personal project not released, here I already had an idea of what colors to use and how much it should be contrast.

underground environment

special thanks to the "Vaca Roxa" group that has always helped me and enabled me to create this art " lost subway station"

environment castle prison.

after studying vegetation for months I created something like this, just before my last work

and now

if you have come here and wondered how to study, what to study and how long to study, I say that these questions have no answers, study what you love, do what you love, for as long as you feel comfortable, studying is not easy, and different from what is said, not good, the result is good, the result makes the effort worthwhile, "challenge yourself every day"

some things I learned at that time:
create clean arts (avoid dithering)
Do not worry about finishing anything, just study.
focus on a single thing at a time (I focused on creating environments, so you will not see my characters for now)
do not cling to what you do, erase it, and do it from scratch again.

my last art is on sale at and you can buy it here:

very useful, we will take this into account for a future upgrade and for the next packs

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if you liked the package and want some extra to make your project much more special, or have some project in the drawer ready to be finished I'm here to help, just contact me:

free license for commercial use and other things.