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nes pallet

hey, thank you very much for this information, you can try to make the purchase again now

I believe that itch does not have this option due to the way of receiving payment by the creator "me", in that case you can contact itch, or send an email to me (

Legacy Classic VL.II - Completed

only one more environment will be added to legacy cassic vl.2, the others are complete, with the exception of legacy shooter vl.2, which has not yet started, you can already buy these here without worry: -- Legacy Adventure, Legacy Action, Legacy Vania and Legacy Classic VL.2, 

Any environment added to the others must be purchased separately, for $ 1.50

the character goes without clothes to facilitate his editing when needed

I'm preparing a mega update for this pack, with 30 more environments and 3 new characters, with new animations, right after the complete launch of Legacy Classic

thank you very much, Vania  Vl.1 will have 10 environments (one remaining to be released today), each with their own enemies, and the hero will be released tomorrow, I hope they are useful for you.

you have to check if your purchase was before the assets were launched, if applicable, send me an email to "", if you purchased the package before the mine was launched, then it is not included in the purchase

thank you so much for the support, we will have more than one character so far, and we will release new monsters and bosses for this package in the future, as well as items and icons

a total of 10 environments for this set

let's think about the possibility of creating an animation of this, the character will be available in a few days

exactly, they are all 16x16 or multiple

the tiles are 16x16 and multiples of that, the icons are 24x24 just like the basic ui, the examples were created at 400x400 pixels.

ey, thank you very much, unfortunately and I'm no longer working with commissions, however I'm already working on a castle tile on top down for the next days.

excellent game, I spent a good time playing





the ninja character will be released in about 2 days on patreon, and now i'm starting a new series of assets

Omg, look at these amazing animations, and this awesome design, so fluid.

todos estarán disponibles de forma gratuita para patreons, además de un personaje exclusivo, el ninja

Gran idea, agregaré a la lista de actualizaciones de personajes, pronto lanzaré una versión separada con nuevas animaciones también.

sí, incluye el personaje con las animaciones:
apuntar hacia arriba
apuntar hacia abajo



send a e-mail to

For this one we will have a different character, he will be available tomorrow, but I have not yet chosen which one will be (probably a ninja, or a shooter).

Realy thanks :D

You can send me an email with more details or questions!

ey, thank you very much for the feedback, the bug has been fixed, if you find anything else strange, let me know by email


I'm working now on an enemy for this pack, and also for a big animated door. thank you very much for the support, and I loved your game, stay tuned, soon we will continue with this new series, the idea is that the next is a Jungle temple.


ei, tambem sou brasileiro :), me envie um e-mail, podemos conversar melhor por lá.

ey, send me an e-mail too

Ey, can you send me an e-mail to "" ?

all are made in 16x16, with some larger decorations, such as 32x32 iron boxes, and wooden boards, but all tiles are set to be used in 16x16.

thanks, they are made in pixel art, available in full size 1:1