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One of the best packages I've seen around here, one of the few that really manages to create an immersive atmosphere, I take my hat off for you.

Incredible and dynamic gameplay, the game has just the right speed and mobility, a lot of fun to play, plus a challenging level design, simply wonderful, and that's still just the demo, I can't wait to play more

ey, all paid assets have been available on the patreon for a few weeks now, the patreon is active again and this time for a long time, new assets are coming and will be updated in patreon soon this week

I never thought I would see these assets in a game like this, incredible idea and execution, it gave me a lot of inspiration and was excellent in the idea of educating about the subject, I think if there was a form of pvp it would be awesome, I know it's kind of complicated hahahaha, another interesting thing would be to allow the writing of the password itself.

I'm preparing the last pack of volume two, which should come out today, to put the complete volume there

yes, it will be available there today

Have been added now, thanks again

thank you very much for the feedback, I believe that this must have been left out in the sending, I will update the file right now and you can download it again with the liquid

you can send an email with more information to

the background is already included in the files in 3 separate layers for parallax effect in the 'background' folder

thank you very much, if you want to give feedback or suggestion for a new set of assets send me an email.

very grateful, more assets are being produced for volume 2, yes, changes and modifications are allowed

Many tanks, Any and all modifications are permitted

Send an email to

a real diamond on, amazing art work using the limitations, undoubtedly worth the price.

holy baby jesus, incredible work.

if you want to know more information, enter patreon, all assets are distributed there too, and there you will know when the shooting assets will be launched.

I have plans for the future on the shooter theme

it is possible to fit the tiles in order to create 48x48 tiles, but they were not made natively at that size. I'm glad my assets are being useful, I hope to be able to see your projects in the future

tiles are based on 16x16  or multiple, items are in 32x32.

ey, sorry for not answering your last comments, I will send an email with all the answers, yes, the tiles of this asset and the cave are in 16x16

this includes a wall and a background - 496/272 px-

all tiles are 16x16

all updates on the packs are free for those who already have

I'm working on a rework on this specific assets to correct this and transform everything into a standard 32x32, you can merge 16x16 tiles into 32x32 blocks without any problems in any way.

you can send me an email if everything is fine for you, then i can explain everything in more detail, and give you some tips on what to do, send to

if you have access to aseprite it would be the top 1 of the recommendations, but you can also use krita

you can do this in any program that allows pixel editing

the characters were made in a way that you can edit in the pait to create your own clothes on the spritesheet, they work as an animated base model.

currently the only character we have is for the farm, yes, any upgrade on the farm is free for those who bought it, and you can make a huge world with the farm's assets, which have cave assets included, and 3 enemies, the character being made now will be created for the sidescrolling assets and can be used in all of them.

the characters are not yet available, but when they are they will be posted here in this store

totally, you can use them however you want, for sale or edition.

Yes, in the future 10 more enemies and 10 environments will be added

We are working to create something like that, thank you very much for the comment.

nes pallet

hey, thank you very much for this information, you can try to make the purchase again now

I believe that itch does not have this option due to the way of receiving payment by the creator "me", in that case you can contact itch, or send an email to me (

Legacy Classic VL.II - Completed

only one more environment will be added to legacy cassic vl.2, the others are complete, with the exception of legacy shooter vl.2, which has not yet started, you can already buy these here without worry: -- Legacy Adventure, Legacy Action, Legacy Vania and Legacy Classic VL.2, 

Any environment added to the others must be purchased separately, for $ 1.50