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yes, you can

yes, lots of plans for legacy fantasy this year, new enemies (at least 5 for each pack) and new heroes, at least one model for each pack, but that should still take about two months to start

Of course, in this week's new update I will provide this

send an e-mail to


What does that mean?


4-way animations will probably be included in the "World Build" pack, as the pixel crawler's current focus is on creating a variety of environmental enemies and weapons

working on summon magic waepons now 

The bundle already includes a collection of reinforced iron weapons, but the free pack will also include metal weapons, but only in the future

no, this is part of the paid package, any conflicting information? If you saw somewhere that the pack would be free, I would be happy to know, Anyway, sorry for any misunderstanding


Hey, anokolisa here, I worked on the environments of a project, which you might remember, I'm happy that you made your work available as assets, if you're interested in a collaboration, add me on discord; Anokolisa



Thanks for the feedback, I'll fix this soon

No, thanks for the info

Yes, in the next few weeks

Great suggestion, I'll think about it after adding the caves

Already on the to-do list for the very near future

Not yet, but I have plans to

I will try to deal with this soon, thanks for the feedback

Are you working on something using these assets? Do you want to show your projects? discuss it here

Something doesn't work right? Are there elements missing or that should be done? Leave your feedback here, it is essential for my work

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Do you have ideas for elements to add? new colors and props? animations? leave your suggestions here

-Updates planned-

Next updates:

  • Fully 4D modular animated character
    • Idle
    • Run
    • Walk
    • Use tools
      • Tree cutting
      • Mining
      • Fishing
      • Watering
    • Lift items
    • Carry items
    • Sleep
    • Sit
    • Talk
    • Die
  • Garden expansion
  • Farm structures
  • 32x32 Item icons
  • Original music and sound effects
  • Farm animals
  • Work stations
  • Professions
    • Lumberjack
      • Lumberjack clothes
      • New trees
      • Woodworking and Carpentry
      • Wood processing related workstations
      • Animations for carpentry and Lumberjack
      • Lumberjack themed house and props
    •  Fisherman
    • --
    • --
    • --
    • --
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --

They will also be worked on and added, but if you need them quickly, you can contact me via discord or email and I will provide the old version for your project

It might be interesting to create something like this in the future

yes, and yes, this pack is compatible with all legacy fantasy


Thank you very much for the feedback, and thank you very much for pointing out the negative points of the game, I love this kind of feedback, I will try to work on points like this in future projects, and maybe update this project, your comment was extremely valid.

1-BIT JAM community · Created a new topic Discord invite?

Discord invite is currently unavailable

Thank you very much for the feedback, these are very valid points and I will work on that, thank you very much

Any opinion, feedback and requests

Planet Valley - DEMO community · Created a new topic Bugs

Any bugs, related crashes, performance issues, and runtime failures

Very good aesthetics and concept, the fact that the rabbits disappear can break the beginning of the game a little

Very interesting concept, separating the levels with coffins was great, well optimized and finished game, I missed menu indications, it took me a while to figure out how to change the minion

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Very interesting way to send enemies, I believe it would be interesting to make the hero more destructive, with an area attack, so it would be a good challenge for the player,

completely amazing, simple but fun mechanics, the art is great, and it takes the time used very well