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I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you have put into Shotgun King! It is an amazing game and in a world bloated with half ass gameplay triple A projects, it's incredibly refreshing to enjoy an intelligent and fun game that is challenging with such re-playability. You are a true champion of game developers!

I am so excited, thank you for the hard work Jas and team <3

Just getting started in Backpack Hero, long time roguelike adventurer. This game is fantastic Jaspel, it has a great balance of strategy, pathing, procgen / randomness, items, functionality, and pacing. It's already a blast that I can see myself spending inordinate amounts of time in.

I'm happy to kickstart and can't wait to see where you and your team take it!

Love the music as well, cheers!


ps. sharing the fun build I have so far!

This game is pretty fun and in incredibly interesting take on sonic :D

Lovely concept but I'm not a huge fan of the reliance on precision movement / mario spikeyness as the main UI.

Fun experiment, only suggestion I would have had would be to allow for inverted Y axis as it's how a lot of people interact with FPS designed interfaces so it was quite awkward but aside from that the game itself was enjoyable, cheers!

I stopped around day 140 or so