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i would of loved to continue this game but i got anger issues lmao, and i couldnt get passed the beginning as i kept falling and then i had to keep restarting again and nah i dont wanna get mad over a game lol. great graphics though.

hi for some reason when i download the game, it sometimes doesnt load up and says it crash. or it loads, i press play and the starting page appears but when i press original story, it keeps loading and when i click on the screen, it crashes. i dont know what to do.

thank you :)

i couldnt really figure out how to unrar it :/

awuh man :( I hate when things chase me xD i start panicking haha

how do i kill the monsters i dont undertsand :(

doesnt download :(

Yeah i figured. My mom wants Windows 7 back lol

If only lmao

Are you gonna make a second one? (: If so I'll be waiting haha

9 days later lol sorry haha. im not on the computer a lot.

it wouldnt let me move after it got to the beginning

your game wont play. it downloads but i cant run it.

it wont let me play.

im using windows :(

None of the controls work. I can't move or anything. I can only pause the game. Please fix asap.