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Just bought your game from Steam (a tiny support from me). I really like your hand drawn background! Some people/characters are quite intriguing and listening to the animals is fun. Hopefully this will leave early access soon. Best wish for your continuous/future success.

PS: Ep.3 almost gave me heart attack at 1am.

Short, but quite cute.

Hi. Nice little game here. Played a lot. But when I hit the chest with the axe, the chest open halfway, the game freeze. Maybe a bug? It happen at the second chest.

Hope for future Steam release! :D

Quite imaginary (in  a scary way)! The concept is intriguing :)

Hi, I can't find a way to speed up the text. Hopefully some changeable setting/preferences include in the full game. Nice prototype by the way :)

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This is amazing. Some parts almost scare me to quit (with nyctophobia & puny courage). A nice horror game without first person jump scare, is what I can play. In reality a haunted place definitely is a no no for me even paid. At least I managed to finish in one setting LOL

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Maybe just little me. I think is better to put the "horror" or "creepy" on tags. I was almost "shocked" when played at 11pm. Also the "Supernatural" tag can be a nice reference. May keep an eye (or both eyes) at this game in the future. Peace.

The DUCK is my true form.

Nice looking art style. I also enjoy the story. Good enough as a standalone. Will play if a full game release.

One level gave me headache (in a good way!). So creative!

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Not bad. The art style is quite nice I like it. I think the enemies may need some polish. Their movement aren't smooth. Same for MC, her melee attack looks a bit rough. Some spikes thing can't be dodged maybe just me. 

The last fight a bit difficult since I can't see the lighting coming. Overall I did enjoy the game. Keyboard control is fine, though I prefer controller. Maybe a longer game in future?

Nice game for Nyctophobia. Quite tiny but I like it. Control is smooth.

Cute game. MC a bit slow. Sometimes enemy will "stop" by the wall. Maybe intentional?

Unique art and design as usual. Now even with cold music. An Alkian looks like cute sentient mouse to me.

Cute little game.

I want a shower like that.. simple and fast. Unless there's some conspiracy in the future..

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Quite scary. And I do have a little nephew to "think" about.

Quite amazing. Feel a bit confuse (and bored, sorry about that) at first, but shine perfectly at the end.

Interesting and a bit creepy too. But they forgot to ask whether I keep some big doggo at house. A natural guardian.

I like this game A LOT! The concept is very neat. Quite satisfied with the ending. It took me some time to beat it. Cause some monsters are being difficult LOL. Poor kids though.

Played at midnight. Feel creepy though.

Very nice concept. A bit confusing but I like the way the game presents.

Always poking the train XD

This game is beautiful and fantastic. For someone with 3D motion sickness, at least I can enjoy peacefully without any side effect.

Your art style is intriguing. The creepy design is great. I also like the ending.

I really like it. Replay a lot.

I am touched for the true end.