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Nice job! Good use of limited resources to create tension and frustration.

Great writing here - much better than I've seen in other visual novel style games. Really enjoyed this, and will follow you to see what else happens in the future!

Very short but fun! I admire the fact that you made this in such a short amount of time.

Great use of environment to set mood! I really enjoyed this. I also had a bit of a tough time finding the board, maybe a visual clue or something would help? Either way, good job!

Interesting concept! Definitely managed to set a mood. After I scanned 100 items I gave up because it didn't look like anything else was happening - did I miss something?

Nice job! Our big guy isn't super scary but I think that's okay :) not everything needs to be 10/10 Amnesia-level terrifying

Interesting experience! I wasn't quite sure what to do after I delivered the first package and "dealt with" the dude in the bathroom though. Creepy feel!

Interesting experience! I still want to know more about what's with the eyeball :)

This was awesome! Loved the atmosphere, and the total lack of all snakes and snake like creatures. Highly recommend, would stay at this snake-free property again. Did we mention no snakes? You won't even have to press the S button, since snake starts with an S and that would be traumatic. 

Really interesting game! Felt like something from the Backrooms universe in places. Well designed experience, and good job.

Really liked this! The music is great, and the color palettes are very cute. That edge jump though (where you have to go from one platform to another directly above and sort of edge jump to midair) is tough to hit!

Really interesting game, and very spooky in places. Primary Color Man is very unsettling. :) 

I did get physically stuck in the area with the dials - I jumped down to a place where a wall of spikes had previously chased me, and couldn't get out since the wall had blocked my exit. Small thing, and I absolutely plan on going back in to finish this because I'm very intrigued.

Nice work!

Interesting structure for a game! I like how things move around and confuse you. Good soundscape as well.

Super cute little game! FarmBot is the best buddy.

Best game ever, 10/10 carbs, enjoyed getting a full serving of whole grains while running from "B R E A D". This was a ton of fun.

Really interesting simulation! I like the different troop capabilities and ranges - it forces the player to make interesting choices and try to predict outcomes. Good job.

This was a really neat experience! At first I felt anxious because I thought I couldn't keep everything going all at once, but after the first level I realized I didn't have to, and I could just chill out and make cool stuff :) Great job! I really liked it.

Fun concept! Looking forward to seeing what other stages you build in :)

Really interested to see where this will go! The time mechanics are pretty creative, and I like the feel of the world and visual design.

Really impressed by the game within a game - the music especially was fun! I couldn't figure out how to stand up from the desk and go get my food though XD

Great feel! Really uncomfortable and eerie.

Really enjoyed this one. Agree that it felt quite a bit like a Backrooms train, with a touch of P.T. as well. Enjoyed the inclusion of secrets and lore, that's always fun. :)

Nice short game, I liked this. Did a good job of getting into the headspace of what a pointless job really feels like. :)

I liked this. Fun feel, and nice use of the game mechanics to guide the player through the story.

Really enjoyed the feel of this one. Good job creating a very lonely ambiance.

Aww, thank you :) I really love indie games and the community, and it's always great to find new gems.

super cute game! Really enjoyed this experience.

I like the style here! Teeny tiny game with teeny tiny scare, but for what you're doing that's exactly the right thing. Hope to see the new style in more works.

I think you did a good job achieving your stated goals here. This didn't feel cheap or strange, and it told a minimalist story. Nicely done.

Strange sounds promised, strange sounds delivered. Also died plenty, but did not break my computer raging.

There was a lot more game here than I expected! Good stuff. :)

Nicely done! Had trouble closing the windows but I think that might have been intentional behavior :) Really good combination of some FNAF-style mechanics with Mandela Catalogue theming. And nice job on the pacing as well.

Very confusing, but also spooky. I died to the shadow people.

Nice job for 4 hours of work! Enjoyed the multiple jumpscares where the monsters sort of "stack".

Nice slow build in the feel, and very mysterious. I wish I could have turned up the brightness by about 1.5% though :)

Wow!! Great concept and execution. I really felt sucked into this one - no pun intended.

Really enjoyed the feel, for some reason this was extra spooky for me :) Nice work! Would love to see this go further.