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Nice game! I like the branching paths and that actions have consequences you can't always predict.

I liked the aesthetic of this game and the concept, though I wasn't totally sure what was going on at times. I think that's part of the mystery. Thanks for the game!

Very enjoyable, loved the feel and the soundtrack. I could have played this for a long time. Hope to see it coming to ipad or similar!

only managed to get one ending lol, fun concept though

Liked the concept of the "side effects" affecting things. I did run into one small problem which was that my character would randomly just shoot off into space and I didn't understand why or how to get back. Would love to see more :)

Fun short play! I never did get my chicken, but that's okay. The dinos got me every time :D

I really enjoyed this a lot! Nice visual style, very cute, and I enjoyed the shifting music. The pacing felt very natural. Thanks for the game!

Ohhh cool! I might go back on my own time and try it again, I was having a good time even without any knowledge :) thank you for the reply!

I really like the concept on this one! it's a little hard to possess things sometimes but once you get going it's really great :)

Cute aesthetic and I liked the soundtrack!

I'm not entirely sure what I just played but I had a good time doing it! What was I supposed to do and why? Who cares!

Really liked the concept behind this one. Nice entry!

I really liked this! Nice concept, and nice execution. Part of me wishes there were checkpoints, but part of me also understands that that might go against the message of the game. Nice entry!

Once I figured out that movement was WASD for north/west/south/east, I got it. :) Good writing so far, and I'm interested to  see where this goes as I play more!

Good fun for a short play. Some days you eat the potato, and some days the potato eats you.

I like the visual style on this one. I wasn't too sure of what I was supposed to do though. Thanks for the game!

In level 3, I think I managed to break the game - I ended up under some buildings, then jumped up, and the game zoomed all the way out until the world was gone.

I have never played anything like that before. Incredibly original concept, and I'd love to see more of this beautiful, abstract world.

That was a 100% accurate simulator. Complete with storyline and everything.

Press E.

Nice pong clone. Would like to see more of the assets that change the game, but good game regardless.

Cute and fun! It gave me demo game vibes - would like to see more in the same vein. I enjoyed the art style on this one.

Truly unique experience! Much harder than expected, but very original. Holy crap, my head really is spinning.

Great concept! Thanks for the game, this was definitely not what I expected :D

Hey there! Really liked the soundtrack, but I wasn't quite able to figure out the controls. What is the mouse cursor for?

Nice concept! I was surprised when I won the first level, but realized quickly that I had the idea. Thanks for the game!

I tried this on my stream and really liked it! Thanks so much for dropping by and letting me know about it. What a fun mechanic!

I have no idea what I just played, but it was an interesting experience. A+ weirdness, would trip out again.

I'm amazed you put this together in 24 hours! Hope your wisdom tooth surgery went well. :)

Scariest experience ever - nothing is more terrifying than "WE CARE :)"

I really liked this! Cute style, easy to learn but hard to master. Liked the soundtrack too.

I did not know this was missing from my life. My wrist hurts now lol

I loved this! The homemade feel of everything, all the textures, the great soundtrack...and the ending. Really lovely short little game, and great job!

Great graphical style! Really enjoyed the mood and feel of this one - there's something Lovecraftian about it. Wish I could run in fullscreen, I had a hard time finding stuff because it was so small.

I had no idea what to do lol, but I liked the soundtrack :)

Really love this, the style and music is so cozy. Great look and feel, and I can't wait to see the full thing!

Really liked the feel of this game! I enjoyed how it's not easy to see everything (good job on the glow mechanic, it really helps) and the bits of story made me want to know more. Good job!

Hey there! Nice game, and amazing that you made it in two days! I ran into the same control problems as other people, but reading the comments it makes sense now.

Really liked this one! Great soundtrack, and I enjoyed the level design. Thanks for the game.

Definitely sets a mood! I like how you built out pretty much the entire town. Couldn't find the password though, I did notice a bunch of pl,aces saying "Press e to open" but I couldn't figure out what I needed to open...