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Anna Glin

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yay tysm for checking it out and playing! <3 yeah I thought about giving options for the face, maybe I'll do an update some day or do that in the next game! ;)

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tysm! <3 glad you enjoyed :)

is it windows only?

cute little game! :)

late reply but thank you so much! <3

thank you so much!! 🥰 ha, this comment makes me want to add a hidden object feature where you have to find little bugs 😄

aww thanks for playing it anyway and glad you enjoyed! :) yeah I thought about how I could implement this in a game with a moving character ... :)

thank you! <33

aww thank you for your kind feedback! <3 love your choices!

tysm! glad you enjoyed <3

thank you Manisha! <3 yeah nostalgia is a big motivator for me haha!


thank you! yes I agree, I think simple games have their place too. It's more like, a toy to play around with! :)

it looks amazing, I'm so curious how you made the shaders!

love the art style!

still fun! I played the game more often than I would like to admit lol. So there was definitely a learning curve which I enjoyed a lot, and it felt rewarding to finally having "got it". I definitely prefer this map with a bit more challenge – on the first map I got bored after 300+ rounds and quit ;) on that one I got a full audience and they kept giving me lots of time so I think if you want to balance it more, maybe that's a place to do it? looking forward to more maps (as I think you're planning on adding?) <3

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damn, I didn't sell the last few hundred crops, could have had more coins! focusing on maxing out the crowd works best for me (even if I didn't place all the stuff in an optimal way). 
(also, I got the gold storm!!)

this game is honestly amazing great job


no it just doesn't interest me, it's annoying

really cute game and I like the challenge. I would have preferred it without the weird creepy stuff at night, or an option to skip that.

is this broken? I put two items in the slot and nothing happens. (Chrome on MacOS, download doesn't even open)

love the music!

PB 2041. super satisfying, great game!

nice! I was just thinking about dress up games again. :D

got it first try! :D love how you interpreted the theme

Ente gut alles gut :3

mega coole Dialoge! :) echt toll geworden

the movement is so fun!! :) although playing on a laptop keyboard, I wish the attack was a key on the right hand side, like K or something. otherwise great!

ahh thank you! <3 I suck at it too! :'D

the constant overthinking is so relatable. I love it! and the art is beautiful as always <3 I'd just love to have a printed comicbook made by you. 

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thanks! :D

nice feel!

leave it! :D

thanks fedboi :D

schön, aber unmöglich zu bewerten, da unter anderen Vorraussetzungen.