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No worries.  I will hopefully post another development log soon; however, things have been quite busy with the kiddo and my day job taking an increased amount of my free time.

This is just a placeholder for future content.  There are a few spots in the game like that.

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It blends in well by sitting just above the blue link fir "More Information" on the main page. 


Not yet, just slow progress due to raising a child taking priority.

I've indicated on the front page that the game is currently in hiatus due to raising my child.  It may be some time until I have the time capacity to dedicate towards the game again but for now it is on hold.  I will be returning to the project again in the future.

It has some provided saves that are checkpoints for different unlocked content since this is a WIP project.

It is on an extended hiatus as raising a child takes up a surprising amount of free time.

This boss seems to keep saying, "This isn't even my final form" a lot....

Currently there is only one encounter with Limu but there is additional scenes planned for her in the future.

I need to make another dev log soon explaining the situation here on itchio but progress is technically on hiatus again due to raising my kid and having very little free time between them and my 9-5.  More info soon!

Ah, a good alternative for all those asking about an android version.  I still don't have an android device but thanks for the information.  Not sure why that scene in particular would cause a freeze though.  All the plugins and such work with joiplay?

It seems that with how the gallery is set up it far exceeds the 1000 file limit that the browser version on itchio can handle.  The version on the other website is outdated from the looks of it but probably doesn't run into the file limit issue/uploading cap.

With raising the kiddo updates have slowed considerably as we balance the lifestyle changes they bring.  I do my best to make dev log updates when I can; however, progress is currently on hiatus as we get things back up to speed.

The webs in there are leftover from the raid on the Khrono Manor.  The spidergirls were involved along with a bunch of other monster girls and monsters.

Wow, has it really been 5 months since I last posted a dev log on here?  I'm mostly active on twitter where I am posting art updates and such. I will try and post a dev log here in a little bit.

Still working on the PC version and I do not have an Android device for testing purposes so at the moment, no.

Eventually, with the kiddo growing older and taking up more of my free time the game project has taken a bit of a back seat while I deal with the ever changing schedule.  The month of march is currently in a full hiatus as I focus on the kiddo and hopefully be back to working on the game again in April.

Art updates on the art twitter are much more regular vs posts on itchio so be sure to check there as well.

There is a walkthrough that contains all the content in the game if you ever are curious where something is.

The gallery can be accessed after you complete the Forest Path and receive the Key Item (Ankhrono Replica).  Use it from your inventory by selecting Items -> Key Items -> Ankhrono Replica.

I can make an alt for that, sure!

I'm going to see if I can get that fixed in a bug test as another user was reporting it.  I think something caused a variable to get out of sequence with the debug room.

The NPC you were seeing was to trigger the Khrono Tomb's boss defeated which I think is causing some issues.  I forgot they were standing there still in this build vs hiding some of the other debug stuff, oops!

Thanks for the report and sorry for the spooky!

I will be updating for bugs, but since the debug room is a temporary thing the bugs are mostly quirks I can either quickly fix or just resolve later.  (The missing image bug would be a quick fix, the sequence breaking is something I'll fix in the final build)

I'll be working on the rest of the artwork that needs to be done and then working on the entire zone at once rather than breaking it up like the Khrono Tomb to avoid any sequence breaks that are already appearing in the debug room.



Which warp point is this in the Khrono Tomb?  Is it warping out of the Khrono Tomb via the Ankhrono Replica or one of the mid dungeon points?

Is this off of a previous save before this new build or one from the provided saves?

How many options is the warp point giving you and how much of the Khrono Tomb have you completed?

Yes, you access it through the Gallery from the Ankhrono Replica in your Key Items.

Thanks! The new WIP/Debug Room Build is out! Be sure to check it out.

Thanks!  Since this is my hobby project, it is what I do in my free time, though it will be taken up by my child like you said.

I need to take care of myself so I can care for my child and family like you said!  Taking it easy and drawing/programming is relaxing too if I have some time. : >

Thanks for the support!

Thanks!  The new WIP/Debug Room build is out, but far from finished.

ES6 will be out one day I'm sure... though my daughter may be old enough to play it at this rate...

I will most likely be adding some of the new rooms as they will be there to explore and tease upcoming stuff.

Thanks!  I don't want to cancel the game as I am still having quite a great time making content for the game!  Progress will just be much slower I suspect.

The roadmap is currently focused on adding a brand new zone called "The Collective Mothership."  We are working on art assets for the zone including Battle Sprites, On Map Events, and Game Overs so it is a fairly ambitious next milestone goal.  There has also been work to continue the side events involving Succ or Bust and additional events at the Khrono Manor.

Much of the art progress can be seen on the Art Twitter.

Thanks for the kind words!  Summer has been a bit busier with other obligations popping up as this is a hobby project but work is still continuing.

Will do! Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks so much!  I'm glad that people are enjoying the game and the content being made so far.

The 0.5.0 Update that added the full version of the Khrono Tomb is what is up to date. 

Dev logs are the current going ons in development that are not currently in the game yet but will be in either a WIP build (numbered like 0.5.x) or a milestone build (0.6.0)

There is a possibility that the provided saves that the games come with are incompatible with your computer system.  Some have reported needing to delete everything found in the "Save" folder in the WWW folder found within the game directory.

Is your computer within the requirements to run the game as well?  There is a readme file that details what the requirements which may be causing issues.

There might be a status effect that remains after battle for an On Map Event and I will be adding a mode to allow for characters to be nude at all times.

I am working on completing the PC version before bringing it to Android.

Sto lavorando per completare la versione per PC prima di portarla su Android.

(Google translate)

Currently we're working on all the non-futa versions.  Given the time tables so far we'll be looking into it but it won't be until later when we're done with more of the Collective Mothership.  Since we're working on Mira's Side Events next, we'll see if we return for the alt scenes or work on new content.

Yeah, something like that is certainly possible but I am unsure when it would be implemented.  

I am the sole dev of this game so I handle everything within it including the art/writing/programming/etc.  Thanks!

I get inspiration from all sorts of things.  Feel free to suggest things but don't have expectations that everything will make it in.  Thanks for asking!