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Unholy Carnolli. How could one game be so gorishly appealing and addictive? World definetly need more of this delightfully hellish games. I put five HELLAGONYMETAL stars for this. 

This game is guilty in being super cute. =D I give it 5 stars. And i left wanting for more such stories. <3

Awesome. This game make me feel that i made something important~ is this only one ending? =D

Really nice demo. Nice graphics that shows a cruel and pixalated world, and enough amount of nice viscreal gore here and there =D. I like slaughtery killings and good interactivity of world - almost anything on way can be broken or sliced. Yet controls bit choppy and not very responsive and sounds could be better. But i really believe that this a demo of really cool gorish and nice upcoming game. wish you success in developing and other best wishes.

Behind splashy "paint-esque" graphics hides a real marvel about biopunk, good music, story and bits of gore. Great work.

Awesome game. As fan of "Lovecraftian horror" i brought this and devoured gameplay inch by inch. It's just awesome. Yeah it have it's stitches and itches yet in general it's awesome game. Thank You for your awesome work. 

That game remind me good old days when games were made for fun and challenge instead of financial success. Simply good, nice played shooter-arcade-horror that remind me good ol days with Dangerous Dave. Existence of such games keep me believe that game making is still sort of art  :3 . Thank You for that experience and game. Wish You success in all Your ways and beginings. 

Brought this game at steam. Now i have more nightmares to enjoy. Love that! Thank You for your great work!

i snaped my keyboard =D

Such flow of nostalgia was SUDDENLY *spoilers* =D. Thank you for that experience =D. You just slapped my childhood =D