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The ringing of your laughter, it sounds like a melody…
(Great job on the music!)

Let's not go all BASIC 2.0 on the poor plussy =) =) -- the plus/4 release can be loaded jus' fine with Shift-Run/Stop or dload"*"!

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Ha, you'd think it'd be the more complicated things that keep spawning bugs...

Okay, it's not urgent. But: it'd be neat. (Or maybe I haven't figured out how to set things up just yet.) Can we get the full-colour sugar rush gameplay but with the more asteroidsy controls and ship movement of the classic mode? The twin-stick/mouse-aiming thing doesn't feel quite right... lemme fly and shoot forward, not all around like an out-of-control berzerk drone :)

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Thanks for the fix! Still having problems with the "scanlines", "vsync" and "screen glare"  buttons -- they're always unchecked now, though clicking them has an effect... whereas clicking the "windowed" button changes the button state but doesn't do anything other than that (but pressing F11 switches between windowed/fullscreen no problem)

Oh, and I discovered my xbox 360 controller doesn't work. I can use it to click through some of the pre-menu logos/screens, and clicking the left stick seems to work as Esc... but I can't operate the menus or play the game at all with it. (Edit: Alright, saw you're only supporting Playstation controllers -- I don't tend to read system requirements...)

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The volume sliders on the options screen do what you'd expect, except I can't seem to turn down the SFX volume at all. Even with the "Master" slider at 0% they're at full volume.

With the graphics settings I have sort of the opposite problem: all the checkboxes are inevitably filled when I return to the options screen, though they do seem to take effect (even if I can't make out any scanlines; it just gets blurrier).

I do click "Save Settings", of course...

The game can and does write successfully to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/unity3d/Red Phoenix Studios/laservasion.

Statue past Barsnick... white dot... I must be having the same problem? I've really enjoyed the game so far but the plot is refusing to advance. Can't do anything with the statue at the bridge.