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So Great :)

After finish this game, i wanted so hard send cute cards to random and unknown people just to see them smile... :')

climbing the stars... 5/5

Dude, I found and... and... I never understood why Tom Cruise's movies got the title Mission Impossible... Now, seeing this wall to climb, I understand what Mission Impossible really is... Dude, dude... Your game is really great. Really, really... And I loved the difficulty of each part. Well, well, now i think that i have a daily challenge to try.. Thanks for the game and hints and Congrats for the skeletons.. :)

My next message, If I can, it will be a print of the complete map :D

P. S. "hardest area in the game" ? ooh yes, I'm super interested now...

Basically, I completed all areas except for the lab. I found all skills (including that of the Blue Spirit) and found 5 hidden rooms.

The "specific wall" I mentioned was that one room before the Blue Spirit place at the beginning of the game.

This is strange, I thought that to enter the last part, I had to enter all the hidden rooms in a single attempt without dying or using teleport or saves from rabbits. Well, if you saying that I dont need to do this, I'm happy again :)

Sir, first, now i have 12 hours in this game, and that blue guy scared me so much. But there are 1 billion places that that guy could choose to live and wait for, seriously did he just choose that hard place ? Second, there is tree things that little kids never will know; how old universe is, how long universe is, and how to do the FREAKING walljump. Dude, i feel like i spent all my luck on it, cuz the first try of tree, i was so naive, trying to pass that specific wall, and BUM, out of nowhere, i did the jump. Im not kidding, tears literally started to fall from my eyes, and when i saw that blue spirit, i was so scare. Im so proud of myself for not having watched the videos, cuz that experience was so good. I found the rooms, but i still dont know how to acess the last part :( Please, please, dont tell me that i have to enter each room in numberical order without die and without using the rabbits, please, dont tell that... 

Oh, it's pleasure for my eyes to read this. Well, well, i think i'll give three chances starting from start, if i can't find it, i'll see how to access it in videos. I have to try.

And I must say that the first time I played, I suffered to pass the final pink part and gave up. But now, I tried again and complete everything except the last part. And I have to say, minutes before i finished, the only thing I really wanted was to see the complete and fully colored map, and when that happens, that will be the reward that will make me so happy.. :D

Thanks again, for the game and for the answer :)

I loved so much this game. I sweated so much. I got so angry. It's so hard, and mechanically scary to get it right and pass some parts. Thanks for this awesome journey :D

one little last question: Is there any part at the top right of the map or is it just black ?

i played 8 hours, searching in everywhere, but found no entry. I don't mind spending another 12 hours searching for it, i just want to know if there something there... (*-*)

And, i think i forgot, your game is amazing :D

my heart is a little more pure after playing this <3

Bats are hell. 22/22 :D

This game is so simple but so great. I loved the music, the map and the way to discover, the gameplay. Is easy a 10/10 game.