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Cant wait for the full game :D >w> Cass seems like a fun route XD

I didnt loose any sleep lol( iusually stay up to 4am my time but i finished around 1am my time) and yeah I read really fast XD Bermuda Game Talk: I saw in the bermuda game its not really a sequel but its none the less interesting lol I started it last night and finished a chapter before going to bed trying to take it a bit slower though in the beginning of it all i can say is my favorite color: blue, favorite animal: wolf. I didnt have to think twice on what I chose XD

Cant wait then to experiance them all, once available :D Always love a game that gives me the option to call someone an asshole when i first meet them >w> lol

.....Well....I did it, I went through and I played all the routes In a day. Do I regret it? Absolutly, I shouldnt have been so greedy, I should have savoured how amazing this game was. I absolutly adored the art, the music, and of course the characters and I experianced them all in a day.....But I can redeem myself, with the sequel...That I just found and have downloaded and am going to start now soooooooo yeah. :D Really love your work.

So is it just the demo? or is there more? or will there be more in the future? Cause I really need more XD I got so invested into the characters and was impressed by just how many choices there were to make. <3 So many questions im asking myself now that i need answers to that i wont state in here for risk of spoilers, I will definatly be watching. :)