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Cat giving thumbs up : r/confusing_perspective

Hehe Relatable

I love this game!

Update: This game is so fun. I love it Honestly! I find it to be really funny when the people start to mumble 

I'm downloading the game rn! Updating y'all when I finish the game, I already know It's a Masterpiece

This game got really sad In the end :,)

This is so cute <3

This sure Looks adorable :D I'll post a reply on my comment after I finished playing!

''I can see youu behind the breaaaad 😘''

They treat people so Nicely! 

 I don't know what I'm getting myself Into.

The chat confuses me

Why did I read: ''Ultimate Knockoff''

23 Ways To Make A Road Trip Really Really Awkward - ...

@logan sorn Sir, This is a Mc Donalds

This Is everything I ever wanted 

I watched a video of BijuuMike Plazing this game, and It seemed great!

This game is amazinggg!!