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I don't know what's wrong with you but damn man that's a creepy atmosphere. I love what you did with just simple things like pieces of paper and pill packets and make it look so disturbing. Keep it up ^^

Had a lot of fun with the game, can't wait to try the weeb class :D Didn't think this game would go this far, great work good sir.

Loved the game! I liked how smooth the moves were and the humor aswell. I just got stuck at the 3rd or 4th level where you had to throw your sword at the archer and then double jump. For some reason it worked the first time but afterwards I couldn't reach it anymore. I made a video if anyone is interested. Goodluck with this game and other projects aswell ^^

Really loved the story in this one. The manga's have been on my list for years but this definitely made me want to read it :) Will you make more adaptations from the manga's?


I really love this game. The artstyle gave me persona vibes but i'm really interested in the story aswell. I cant wait to see the full game in action ^^. Good luck with the further development. I played the first 30 mins but will definitely finish the full demo in the next few days. Have a good one :)

I enjoyed the game ^^ Didn't really get as far is I wanted, but it's a smooth game. I like the weapons and the powerups , I only tested 2 classes so can't say much about that but you're doing a great job with it :)

Very interesting and powerful game. unfortunately I choose the wrong path and the game ended quickly but i will try to get the other ending for sure. I like the artstyle aswell.

Love the game, It's just fast-paced and fun :) I also like the mechanic of throwing away your weapon when as empty to kill the goons, good job guys ^^

Very interesting game. I had no idea what to do at the end, but i like these kind of games where they mess with you on another level ^^

I really enjoyed this, I had some trouble with the combo's but that was because my keyboard is in azerty and I didn't see the controls beforehand. So they wouldn't be an issue. Keep working on the game :)