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Not in the nearest future, I've got other ideas I'd like to explore 
I may get back to it one day, but I don't promise anything

Ok, then feel free to move on to something more to your liking

Care to elaborate?

That's weird... which version are you playing?

A lot of stuff happened and I'm planning on reworking this project from scratch

Well... there is a reason why he was the character that made me want to check this game out... Which I really should get to playing 'xD

I'm steadily working on it and the demo is quite short.

I'm working on the game in my free time and it's hard for me to tell when I'll be done '^^

Glad you found some enjoyment in it ^^ The game's so short because it was made in a month for a game jam and I wanted to present a finished product for it.

While I've got some ideas for more games in this setting, they would most likely stick to being BL ^^

Glad you had fun with it ^^

Thank you for your kind words ^^ I'm really glad that you enjoyed it that much.
I don't really plan on continuing First Job per se but I've got an idea for another game in the same universe with Arisiel as a side character ^^

Glad you enjoyed it ^^
And I may think about the option to top or bottom in some other project (when I won't be working on a tight deadline ;P)