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I did

Omg can't wait!!!!💕💕

They probably don't know how to make a gacha mod pls be nice to them

GUys, guys they probably don't know how to make a game cut them some slack


omg so pretty✨

np ✨

I am having a art contest if u want to join its on yt

I updated it:)

No srry

🌸I would but it's cancelled bcuz I had to factory reset my computer I can redo the mod tho and add ur flags +other LGBT flags :)🌸

no srry

I used gacha club

It's not 32bits srry

Thx ur the best subscriber I have(◍•ᴗ•◍)

I have some bad news my mods are not gonna be updated any more.... SrryT_T

(1 edit)

I have one on my Alt

np yt is being stupid for me so I can't reply or heart ur comment so I tell u abt thing here

no also I have 2 new mods check my page o(〃^▽^〃)o

I fixed it

(1 edit)

Do u have gacha vers installed?

Yes I think

If u have gacha club delete it than it should work

Idk how to do that yet

I can try

I can't wait I'm sure it will be amazing😍👍

I did

Ok i will in next update<3


🌸There is a new update 🌸

Awe thx ^_^

Oh i keep trying to fix that but can't i still need to figure out how 😊


yes in the future some day I just don't know how to rn :) 

Thxxxx I love feed back on my mod 🫶 here it's on my alt acc

I have a pc version on my alt acc (◍•ᴗ•◍)