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Ah, well the best I've gotten on any encounter is a partial success, so that makes sense.

I think I extinguished at least 5 suns, and was unable to get the achievement. Probably had 20 suns all in one corner too, hoping to see something else created. First I had dragged suns into the storms, and then I tried to create new storms to place around the suns. Both made them disappear multiple times, but no achieve. \_(o.o)_/

This turned out really neat! Enjoying the discovery, and appreciative of the hints for the last 2 items.

Will definitely be grabbing the android version when I have time to fiddle with in class.

Haha, this is hilarious so far. Loving the storytelling. Not sure when I can get more than the first 2 dads. Also, is there a way to see my dads' stats, because I can't remember them anymore aside from maybe 1 each.

I have been waiting for this.

Programming done in Java in Android Studio 2.3.1

Art done with Pixly (and a small bit of Photoshop)