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They tried to reach out to Big Hit to let them know they were making a BTS game and hopefully get approval/recognition from the company, iirc. Big Hit eventually got back to them but only to demand they stop using BTS' likeness in their game and now Aeon is changing the art to avoid any potential legal issues. They did make a post about it on their website's blog, if you're interesting in reading more about it.

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Website has an updated schedule that was posted in late October, if you want to look at it. Based on that, I assume there will be an update any day now. 

Not to say the old art wasn't great but I am seriously digging the new look for the game and wanted the new artists to know they're appreciated. I know you guys were getting some heat for Four on twitter but, personally, I like the overall look so much more now. Thank you, artists, it looks lovely and I look forward to the rest!

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They do give refunds for those who want it, if you email them. I bought this 2 years ago and asked for a refund recently and they gave it without any hassle. I do agree the lack up updates is annoying but also a little hopeful they will eventually give this project some love. 

Just wondering, do I have to buy it to play the demo...? I can't click the demo versions and they seem to be included with the files you get after purchase.

So excited! Demo was so fun to play