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Hiii Nolam! Thanks so much for making this game, it was a roller coaster of random convos, I bet it was super fun to record as much as I was having a mental breakdown with the things the Driver was saying, rather than scary it was super relatable and funny... thanks again for such incredible short experience!

HIIIIIII Vidas!!! Thanks so much for making this game and getting me all scared and paranoid, even though this one had the same shell core as base from your Timore Redo game, adding all the mannequins (new and old) and a bunch of new areas this was by far one of the spoopy games Ive ever played, well done with the ambiance and the creep factor! You outdid yourself mister and you kept releasing more games!! Congrats my friend!

Hiii Max! Thanks so much for making this game, it was a entertaining and disturbing retro kind of experience with a bunch of unexpected twists, this dude is no joke not letting me escape his grasp and I know I did something terrible in my gameplay, I just hope that guy in the cell can forgive me. Really nicely done, keep up the good work!  

Hey Gone North! Thanks so much for making this game, I really don´t know why I got so frightened playing it, almost like someone was watching me the whole time; you did great with the storytelling, the graphics, the ambiance and spooking the hellsies out of me. Keep up the great work!

Thanks so much for making this game Anjin16, you got me quite scared and freaked out with the coding and messing with my head, really nicely done for it being a retro style game, I really liked the fact of not having ti on fullscreen and being able to see the codes every time I interacted with something, quite unique and I gotta say poor deer~

Hi Danielle! Thanks for making this game, I could see you put in a lot of effort into creating it, I got most of the endings and the artwork and music might deceive you into thinking this is a nice playful game but I appreciate it being kinda dark and twisted, that is such a nice touch to the style and story. I gotta say that the level of eating stuff was great when I saw pizza slices, I just love pizza :) It took me just the first try to get the password ending, as a suggestion for when you make another game, try giving the endings "Numbers" or something so we, as gamers, know that is one of the endings. Other than that it was pretty fun and not all that short, great job!

Hiya Aaron, great to see more lore happening for your After Hours saga, this was a great idea, thanks for messing with my head and calling me a psychotic hooman, I appreciate it. All of the yes to you and your test! 

Hey SolitaryStudios! You finally did it, you managed to scare the beecheezus out of me, which I been wanting for quite some time now and mostly it was me terrified of being chased by the monster in the picture. Really well done! 

Hey majik! Thanks so much for making this game, I got all 3 endings, incredible that the first one was the safest one of all. It gave me the chills to think that this could happen to me or to anyone actually. Great way to show us how reality is scary too! Keep up the great work
Hi fr33z! Thanks so much for making this game, it was quite impressive that it had many endings, sadly I just got 2 and the sus one was a nice touch! It could be improved in a lot of things but I overall enjoyed it, I just wish you could replace the items thrown away in the same spot so players don´t need to restart the game to get the other endings. Keep up the good work!

Hi FreezeStudios! Thanks so much for making this game, you guys made me jump a few times in the game, maaaan I hate being chased and you nailed it. The backgrounds and assets were really good, you did a fantastic job portraying an office space and that kinda made me more scared. The meat room was disturbing and the chasing scene made me feel very rushed and terrified! Nicely done~ 

Hi Mike! Thanks so much for making this game! The ending was quite unexpected and I was fooled by it, the notes left in the house were quite misleading but gave the game a nice touch!

Hey Yapgamedev, thanks for yet another game! This one had more atmosphere than the one I played before, but I still have a couple of things for feedback for you, in the video. It was an interesting development of the story and how the monster got jealous of the main character eating, I bet he couldn´t stand it 😜

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Hey Ajackster, thank you for making this game, sadly it wasn´t as scary as it was hilarious to me, the voice acting did a pretty funny job and I was having a blast playing it. Gush Damyum Carl, he´s a nice joke

Hey MrConqueror, I´m leaving my video here to also support you as you did by leaving me a comment! Nice game and I hope I get to play another one of yours soon~ Keep up the good work!

Hey Roguetaver, thanks so much for making this game, I wasn´t expecting the ending and all the cars to magically attack me while playing your game, there was even a part of the gameplay that I mysteriously got killed and it was fun, good one!

Hi YapGamedev, thanks for making this game. I had some feedback for your journey as an indie game dev in my video but I had a nice time doing my duckie stuff for the recording and playing your game, try to add a Main Screen for your games with the name of it and your contact information to make the player remember you.

Hey James Pratt! Thanks so much for making this game, I was truly amazed at how good the Voice Acting and how overall good the game was, Amanda glitching and getting mad at me was probably the best thing about it and I absolutely loved it, I sure didn´t expect the ending, very creepy for a cartoon show! Keep up the great work 💖
Hey Two Star Games, thanks so much for making this game, you had me with the nice voice acting saying there will be no snek in the game... but I got tricked! I know it was an strategy to feed hotel guests to that huge monster, which felt very familiar 🤔, but hey great work in this short horror game, you sure made me sweat~
Hiya my dear Aaron! Thanks so much for making this game, it truly reminded me of another amazing game made by you After Hours! I was quite shocked to know that you did almost all of the Voice Acting, there were some scenes I thought it was hilarious to record and that made the game even cooler. It was a nice mix between horror, puzzles and comedy to me, I did enjoy playing this one! Congrats on the release and also winning the Gamejam!

Hi Applestreet Games, really cool concept for a game and truly nice of you to leave a message at my channel. Glad to see you are working to expand this game, especially since it was filmed in the real world and added a couple of digital elements, we don´t get that many games like yours in the indie world. Keep up the good work!

Oh I didn´t know that the lady ghostie goo chasing me constantly was a bug and if you interested in me testing your game, I´d be more than happy to, I have some experience in the matter of breaking games or finding glitches/bugs! Just let me know :) and of course I am interested in more, your game is really promising! Thanks again lovely~

Hey Brandon~ Thanks so much for making this game! Really cute and adorable for an horror game, the only terrifying thing is knowing that someplace, somehow... someone is always watching you~ I added a few things to my gameplay to make it less scary

Hey Morritor Games, thanks so much for making this one! Truly impressed with the overall quality of it, although it did leave me a bit confused on what I was supposed to do (hence getting the bad ending) but the mechanics of using the cellphone to look for clues and stuff that isn´t there in my reality was very cool and I got someone attached to me in the gameplay~ Will definitely keep an eye on you guys!

Hiya DopplerGhost, thanks so much for making this game... but did you know ghostie-goos hate taking out the trash?? Aniiways, I enjoyed the game and no joke, I was predicting the ending but it did shock build up the tension with it and delivered nice jumpscares, keep up the good work~

Hiya Aaron, thanks so much for making this game and also for letting me voice the mysterious woman  in the game~ It was super fun to do and even more fun to react to it in my video. We had so many bizarre but wonderful times testing out this one, truly appreciate your dedication and your effort to bring us this amazing indie title since you added a LOT of great stuff and mechanics to it. You are a very cool, determined and awesome person, keep up the great work and I hope we can do something together soon!  

Thanks for playing, had fun watching your video!

Thanks for your support, I hope you enjoyed it :D

Thanks so much for playin hun!

Thanks for the comment Dylan, I truly enjoyed your gameplay and we appreciate all the feedback you give us! 

Thanks for those lovely comments and also for playing Jared 🥰

Hey WertStudios, thanks so much for making this game. I gotta say that playing your game gave out one of the BEST type of reactions in my channel, surely I was ready for a fight. Regarding the game itself, I found a couple of issues, like in the elevator and the extended camera view was a bit awkward for me. Also, the "angel" should be scared of me!

Hiya Tyrobyte, thanks for making this game, I had a nice time making puns and enjoying the style, but I gotta say that sadly your game did not scare me, maybe since I watched a lot of horror movies and played a bunch of horror games. I found it a bit on the cliché side and lacking on the story side, but overall I had a nice time playing it!

Hi guys from Solitary Studios! Why you must play with my feelings, scare me like that and give me such horrible ending!?! Good one tho, very unexpected and terrible for any youtuber that has issues with their video. liked the references in your game, keep it up.

No problem hun! Thanks for taking the time to reply to my comment :)

Hi Ruben! Thanks so much for making this game, definitely not what I had in mind when someone says "Quarantine" I almost felt I was in one of those movies. Have to say that it was a shame that the game is so short, I feel like I need more, more scares, more story, just MORE so great job! Looking forward to more of your games~

Hiya again Voxelvoid, thanks so much for making this game and for leaving me a comment on my video 🥰 You did a fantastic job to portait the PS1 style with this game, we even got a small boss fight! Finding the notes and the interaction of items gave this game a very nostalgic feel, really nicely done!

Hiya KS98, thanks so much for making this game, got 2 endings and my gushness, it was full of jumpscares and this one did accomplish to freak me out, you unlocked an achievement. 

Always my dear Aaron!! It´s my pleasure :D

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Hey Aaron, thanks so much for making this game! It was a blast (pun intended) playing this game, the ending definitely caught me off guard and I guess that it was something the main character of your game wished for, taking it out of context of course. I loved the music and the VA, the graphics were simple but very aesthetic, I do like the color red BTW. Also, thanks for hitting me with moral questions and choices, that was fantastic.