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Thanks so much for making this game Torfi! Spectacular fun game, loved how weird & perfect this one is.  Have myself an army of professional handshakers, the most supportive sumo wrestlers & a bed in the office, love it! A tough & firm handshake is what everybody needs today, get yours now!

Thanks so much for making this game! It was ultra fun to play & to interact with everything possible, a few Easter eggs here & there, absolutely fantastic! I had a feeling something was off about the story & that ending was exactly how I imagined it. Might be also a witch just like Marilyn! The music was so good with the ambiance for it, great work you guys!

Thanks so much for making this game! It was very well made, although it didn´t scare me, the feeling was there! I just wish you could add a main screen for the game, with the name of it and maybe your gamedev name too! It is a shame to play a game without "knowing" who made it. I especially didn´t feel anybody watching, but I guess since this is a DEMO (or is it?) the full game might have more interactions with those watching, right?? Anyways, keep up the great work.

Hey KaccoTime,thanks so much for making this game! I must say that the jumpscare was quite simple BUT you really did get me, nicely done! Congrats on releasing your first game! No one wants to go to the basement late at night, I felt that... and gush the dude from outside... what was he doing to his poor car 😱
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Hey damnedbroke, thanks for yet another game! It had great visuals for only being a demo and the ambiance is on point too, to me it lacked a bit more of jumpscares that hopefully the full game will have. I had issues with most of the controls for the game, it was very hard to see the lock for the door and on the last one my key couldn´t open it. I´m very excited to play the full game though and come face to face with the SCP 049. Keep up the amazing work!

Thanks for making this game Crux Game Studios! I really like that you added the option of auto-save and select the gamma, that was a nice touch. I must say that, although the dialogs were good, the moral of the story and the story itself were nice, it felt somehow that it was lacking something, I didn´t get scared for most of the times and it didn´t resonate with me personally, the horror factor at least. Overall it had nice details (as mentioned in my gameplay).

Thanks so much for making this game ArcadeKitten, it surprised me the level of detail you put in this game... did you draw all the characters?? Amazing! Such a deep story for such a cute style game. This horror RPG was fantastic, it´s been a while since I played a twisty little RPG with this kind of ending, truly unexpected. I loved the art and Embry´s personality, super cute. I hope you make more games in the future! 

Thanks so much for making this game, Pizza Party! Short & down to the point, I might´ve found a bug with it but overall it was a clean horror game. The ending was quite surprising, never wake up & go to your kitchen for water, SLEEP on it. Loved your username, I got hungry after finishing my gameplay and did go out for a pizza, thank you!! I love pizza!

Thanks for making this game Such_Nick! I enjoyed the graphics and the sounds, although for a horror game it didn´t scare me or had any effect whatsoever regarding that. I didn´t feel the ambiance and the spooks with this one. I do believe that being alone in an lighthouse is a great idea for a horror game, polish it and you could have an amazing horror game full of jumspcares. 

Thanks for making this game damnedbroke! My gushness you had a way to truly scare me, my body went numb for a couple of seconds with this gameplay, truly terrifying. You have great potential as a horror game creator so keep doing it! The assets, sounds, ambiance and idea was very nicely executed in this one. I have 2 advices though, (it might have been on purpose, idk) the main screen feels a little dull and you can barely notice the name of the game, also you should totally add your dev name to the screen; the other one is direct the player to the jumpscare in case they are lost and have no idea what to do next. Aniiways, congrats on your first game!

Hi Healy! Thanks so much for making this game, I had so much fun "dubbing" the character & enjoyed playing it. Although I predicted the ending, some parts of your game really surprised me, nice & overall cute RPG! Everything about it was adorable, except well you know it... 

Cannot start my day feeling HUNGRY, right?? 

Congrats on releasing your first real 3D project! I do hope you keep on making games :D I will be there playing them as long as you do, any horror ones are well appreciated. Let me know as soon as you release another one, since I am very interested in your games :)

Thanks for making this game! Honestly one of the best PS1 style horror games I´ve ever played, I had so much fun with every little detail done with it, appreciated the Leon head statue, gorgeous! The VA acting was adorably scary and the puzzles were the best. I did find a bug in the game, but that was about it. I would love to have a Quit option in the main menu :) and I really hope you make a full game out of this one OR another full game entirely. Nicely done! 

Hey TBit Coding, thanks so much for making this game! I had so much fun playing your game, I thought it was a very creative one! Loved the main menu mechanics, especially the "Leave", got me really excited with the game. It didn´t scare me but I was all over the place, really nicely done! The mannequin/robot was such a doll 😉

Hey Michael! Thanks so much for making this game, I honestly had fun exploring the house and getting scared of the jumspcares! Real quality graphics, sounds and reactions in this game. So much potential for a DEMO. I left a bit of feedback on your game in my gameplay below:

Hey Aaron, thanks so much for this intense FPS game! You had me all over the place with the zombos and demons. Left some feedback for the game in my gameplay and sadly an unexpected ending, overall nice combination of elements for this one, had me pumped up with the "pew pews" for sure, the music was banging ❤️!  

Thanks for making this game Vidas Games! It is not your typical jumpscary game for sure, pretty unique I would say. Talk about ups & downs in real life, felt very personal to me for these couple of days. Back to the game: the music is something I really love about you guys, very deep with the sounds, gets me with the horror mood and on edge. My very first Timore gameplay and I loved it.  

Hey Geoff thanks again for making this game! You really nailed it with the motivational quotes in this and Erik, he such a terrible intern, I gotta take that out of my chest. I found the topic for this game really unique, having an interview is just as horrible as each of the jumpscares of my video, so well done portraying it here! 

Thanks so much for making this one, you guys!

I know I´ve said this a lot for the last couple of minutes, but what a great game. You get it all, a somewhat friendly monster that joins you for a romantic time in the kitchen, a disturbing setting for a story, No password, butts (lots of them, actually), puns with eyes and wow screaming, much torture. Big round of applause to each one of you devs! If you don´t play this game, you gonna miss out on the fun, cause boy oh boyoh, it sure was a hella of a mixture. Congratz on releasing it! 

Thanks for making this Aaron! The most emotional game I´ve played from your creations... The music was beautiful, the VA fabulous as usual (very appropriate for the game, very well executed) the change in the ambiance was like a truck of reality, hitting in the most fragile moment. An emotional rollercoaster. I did encounter a couple of bugs and some unfinished parts of the scenery, it´s understandable since this game was made under 48 hours. Either way, great job Aaron!

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Thanks for making this game! Had a great time playing it, although the story kinda confused me. I´m guessing since I got the bad ending I was the one they mention in the game, really had a couple of jumpscares and joked a bit in my video; some parts of the gameplay caught me off guard, making me have a blast. The VA was smooth and well executed, the differences between rooms was great too! Definitely checking your other games :)
Thanks for making this short Demo and your Dev. name makes so much sense and it relates to this game. The style was great! I enjoyed so much looking for the corn and the 180 degrees turn of events, one question that remained is: The pew-pew was there to slow the farmer or...?? All in all, I´m interested in the full version. 

Ooh! Thanks for letting me know, Michael. I will definitely check it out again off camera. Did I say the art was great?? No?? Well, the art style was superb, congrats!

Thanks so much for making this game Michael! I wasn´t expecting the kind of creature that came included with the house, honestly, it gave me a few scares and made me jump out of my chair. I had a lot of fun playing this, loved the style of the notes and the art as well, the creature was indeed scary and wouldn´t stop stalking me, which made the tension even creepier. Really nicely done!

Thanks so much for making this game Kultisti! It was a short and not so creepy experience, the cat was adorable, liked the audio you used for the game and the story behind "feeding Kissa", kinda dark. The ghostie goo surely wasn´t expected when I started playing this game. Very simplistic too.

Thanks so much for yet another amazing game, my dear Vidas Games. Such a jewel of a horror game, every single thing well integrated with the story, the puns, references and Easter eggs so much appreciate it. The jumpscares were so real too. The VA superb as usual, the elements of the story and creativity was on point. If you haven´t played this one yet, what are you waiting for?? Jump right in this horror board game!

Thanks so much for making this game Prestyn!

Message received, although I don´t know if that was your intention at all, but it was nice to play your games and learn about their stories, got me really pumped up for this year! I´m glad to have played it as my first gameplay ever for this new year! The game itself was very simplistic, what made it interesting was the VA, really nicely done and great stories as well. 

Thanks for making this game, I enjoyed the story, the style and thankfully I made it out with the good ending. The 2D style music was a jewel as well, really well integrated with the game, happy that the items were randomized and that gave the chilling factor to escape the claws of Krampus!

Thanks so much Vidas Games for making this Christmas Horror Game, quite unexpected with all the puns and laughs, really liked the satiric effect this game had, not really your typical Christmas horror game for sure. The script and VA was very clever and nicely done. Santa did get me spooked. The downside for me was the driving, I had to retry that scene over and over (either because I got stuck or because my car crashed and ended up on fire) and was about to quit when I did a final try; the ending was brutal. Definitely not for kids.  

Thanks so much for making this game Warkus. The story was different from other horror games I´ve played and quite interesting that you added the survey at the end of the game. Sadly I missed a lot of the notes and couldn´t find the secret message while playing and recording my video. One thing that was an issue for me was the audio when the jumpscare happened, which was a bummer because I got distracted by the sound and not scared by it. The sound on the recording was very interesting, I wonder if it was a heart beating mixed with something else?? 

Thanks so much for the reply, I will keep an eye in your work. Very interested in playing more of your creations!

Thanks for making this game Nerdspartan. The radio audio quality was stunning, the style was great, the creature scary. The story was fantastic and it somewhat reminded me of another game, I think you can expand this story. The announcements on the wall were also a nice touch. I would've liked to have a intro screen with the name of the game and your dev name and a clear instruction that you need to hold space bar to shoot, not just click it, but that´s it.  Nicely done!

Thanks so much for yet another incredible game Aaron! The house design was beautiful, the VA was great (had a bit of static with the other soldiers tho), all the elements of the story fitted perfectly, great short story telling there. The game stirred some feelings too, from pain to peace. The possession was also a nice touch 😛. Overall, I feel this is the best one yet! Congrats!

First of all, thanks so much for the cute doggo experience. I´m grateful to have found it in such important and sad day, sometimes we forget the things we lived and need a little reminder to shake us off. Now, speaking about the game itself: I love the aspect of the human petting me, the language she spoke and the style was great too! Things that would be cool to have is maybe a little map, a section were it says how many birds did we scare/how many birds left, same with the messages. I didn´t stick out to find out if we could explore the city, but it seemed like an option. And here is my gameplay:

What a beautiful style and colors for this game, I almost forgot it was a horror game, which contrasts perfectly with the story. Thanks so much for making this one AugoGames, it was very pretty to play it, especially watering the plants. Remember, you are Pink too.

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Hey you gorgeous humans! This brought my competitive side to a whole level, although I failed miserably and wow, dropped the soap way too many times. I had fun trying to get the highscore and appreciate the butts in this game. 14/10 Butt-like to you guys! Very simplistic but well design and executed! Really proud of what you accomplished. My gameplay and feedback is here:

Thanks so much for working so hard in this game, the result is amazing. Loved every single detail you put in this game, the music is peaceful, fangirled a lot with the animals and the sounds. It left me feeling relaxed and ultra happy, I almost couldn´t believe it was an indie game, since it had so much going on (perfect) and it amazed me how beautifully made this game is. Really glad to have played this and I´m keeping you guys on my radar, for sure!

Thanks to you and your game, this has been my BEST video reaction/gameplay of all times (until now that is). Genuinely laughed so much with the game, so good job Alex. I know this was a parody game but I took it very seriously (aha). Join me for the smashing!

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Thanks so much AleDTW for making this game, I genuinely had a lot of fun playing this one. I knew it was somewhat short for being a DEMO, but the ending really impressed as I said in my video. One thing I noticed is that the last text got stuck in the screen, was it meant to stay there?? All in all, I will be playing the final version of this game when you release it. Keep up the good work. Your game is the second one and starts at 4:29

Thanks for making this game OBO, I appreciate all the details you put to this game for it being super short, the panic effect on the character really stood out and the jumpscare certainly got me good. Thanks for replicating what sleep paralysis would be, a terrifying thing for those who have it. Your game is the first one in my video: