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I love the game and the art of it. But you should consider adding some more detail like when kiyoko came home and have her pajama on  and maybe more music because this game is really quiet beside the open door sound.

Not bad. I like it despite that I dont understance the story that much.

This is a really good game. I love it. And while being chase by the flying demon I discover a bug  in one of the bridge where I can walk on the air.

Wow. This is a really good idea for a game. I never play any game like this before. Is so fresh and awesome. But I think somthing is wrong with the sound, i can only hear really really small sound even though my speaker is at max volume.

DAMNOSAUR community · Created a new topic Great game

It a great and a  fun little game but you guys should add the control setting for computer beacause it really hard to remember that SPACE is Jump while moving and changing weapon in the same area ( maybe change jumping to W is will be more easier).