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its really laggy and super hard to play :( also whats the point of the flags since they arent checkpoints so there isnt any use for them

holy mother of lord i was not expecting that i should have heeded the warning of the fact there was a HIDE control but no

holy shit i dont know why but Derek makes me feel something . honestly one of my favourite erotic games on here and its the only text based game i actually like . its a really good game :

oh okay :] thank you ,a bit disappointed i wont be able to play the full version yet (using a school computer rn so i cant download anything) but from what ive seen i cant wait it looks amazing and the story is very interesting !

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hey uh i got an error and idk if it was an actual error or not

this was really fun to play :D

ahh alright then thank you for telling me ^^

question is there a different outcome if chi goes home without looking for her dog or can she actually even do that? :

the stories with these characters always get me intrigued this one especially SPOILERS FOR THE VISUAL NOVEL INCASE YOU HAVENT FINISHED IT YET !!

the end when mr.smiles says its a show and that it used to be an orphanage i wonder if thats true since i havent played all of the games based on this company i do not know if we see a flashback so for all i know it could be a lie very interesting . also the use of characters that do not have a face (they may but we do not see them) is very cool :) sorry for sounding so formal in this comment but when i get intyerested in a story i tend to do that ^^ also i love the character, i like that you use colours to contrast with the gloomy backround. when i first played one of the games based within smiles inc (to the heights of my heart its a really good game and i enjoyed playing it, i made me connect to the characters and the story which makes for an amazing story and i really like how you show what jamie has to deal with as a transgender woman in the work place ^^)  i didnt like mr smiles since he seemed like a cruel person who didnt care about anything but wealth but after this i dont know how to feel about him ( if the orphanage thing is true atleast )

its super cute and all but when it comes to the actual battle is a bit confusing and frustrating as instead of being turn based both cats can attac at once and if one cat has a paw attack but the opponent cat  has a throw attack then the players cant cant fight back which isnt fair ive also noticed that the cats on the players side that do have throw attacks miss their attacks alot more then the enimies which isnt fair either! maybe try and make the game more balanced ?

still love this type of artSTYLE (pardon the pun) even tho its 2021