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Could use some UX fixes. Use the * button to open options and logout before you begin.  After you log out, the correct UI interface will show for log in and registration.

Came in expecting a billiards clone but was delighted with the physics. Very fun and great use of the theme!

khajit has wares

Nice work of string dictionaries! Great replay value

my calculation is based on Pythagorean with a .1% margin in favor of the player.
The black circle is just an indicator.
Tip: clicking far beyond the max range ,outside the ui circle, will ensure max distance jump.
Tip: try to reach the edge of a lily with a small hop to ensure the best chance of reaching a pad appearing out of range of the UI circle
I'm glad you found the game to be enjoyable and difficult! <3

How do you lose?

I left this game up for a long time occasionally playing, mostly listening to the music. Great game.

Very cool game, like an adventure mastermind game. Short and sweet

Awesome game! I want more <3

Aiming update is working much better. I wanted to note, if you fire without aiming, you will fire into the ground.

Will be fixed after rating period tomorrow :]

You are correct. All these issues have been fixed and are awaiting update after rating.

Perfect little mini game. Adding a few foods with different cooking times will add variation.

Great review. I appreciate the feedback. I have heard that keyboards with ghosting effect are more so affected. I will be updating the game after the rating time-frame as it was a blast to make. The resolution of this jam was limited to 84x48 pixels but I wanted players to have a good visualization of mobs in game. 

Very nice!

Glad you enjoyed it!
Use the Dash (left shift) to reach top speed faster :] There is a sun effect, if you play long enough, Shadows and night time will be required to navigate the city streets. The sound is monophonic 20 hz-20k hz, it is not however, being played from a 4mm piezo buzzer :]

Amazing game. Fantastic art. Great use of lighting and gameplay mechanic. Nokia 3310 gaming at it's finest

Fixed some issues but never expected someone to try to go up the stairs!

I struggled with finding gameplay to fit the theme. Great review

Cool little space shooter. Needs a scoreboard!

I hope you get to finish the content. very cool game

Such a cute little game!

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Classic survival shoot em up. Lots of potential. Fun!

Cool concept. Unique way to develop mouse keyboard coordination. Could use a restart button but refreshing works fine

Love the art style, Fun gameplay! Wish there was more levels

Great game! I love how the music gets more intense the higher the level.  Cohesive art design

Great variation of a clicker game. Unique gameplay with lots of interactions to keep your attention .

This is so fun. I want more! 

Great little game!