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Just wanted to let you guys know, in no way should you feel scummy about deciding to go in a different direction with the game monetarily. You should do whatever is best for you, and I will absolutely toss you a couple of bucks on the download and be purchasing the DLC bundle, cuz your game rocks man! Excited to stream it! (most likely this weekend)

So stoked!!! Been waiting for this for years! You can definitely count on my support for the kickstarter. Also... I see that IB reference, you can't fool these eyes!


Please take your time. Life sucks and is hard, but you're making something truly incredible, so make sure it's the best it can be before you release it. I'm looking so forward to playing it and you can absolutely count on my support if/when you get to crowdfunding :)

Such a fun set of games! Didn't get through all of them, but played a good portion and had a great time. Thank you!

Played Heartworm on stream as part of the Haunted Demo Disc. First game played! My thoughts at the end of the section.

We did not get all the way through due to the time limit we had on the stream, but this was a strange experience, none-the-less. Thank you very much!

What a great little demo! We've left some comments here and there about our thoughts, with a bigger rundown at the end. Thank you very much and we're very excited to see more.

A fun and creative little game. Love how it loops in on itself.

Such a strange game! We had a lot of fun playing this and Drag0n was practically drooling the entire time. Can't wait to see the full release!

This was such a fun experience! Setting up Bacchic rites as a rave is one of the most creative ideas I've seen! I loved the art style and I can't wait to see more!

Thank you for making it! You're games are kind of right up my alley, so expect me to play the rest as some point. You're a really great game developer!

The art in this game is amazing and I always enjoy gameplay elements in VNs. Well done! Didn't get all the way through in the stream, but we will definitely finish it on our own at some point! 

Really enjoyed this game a bunch. It was very subtly creepy and right up my alley.

I've owned this game since donating to the kickstarter, never got around to playing it. I finally did on stream, and wow! I'm impressed. Very tense, very fun. I'm going to find my pooper!

A wonderful little game. Glad I could give it a try!

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Thank you so much for stopping by! I saw your name pop up in the chat and just turned to my boyfriend and started screaming: "That's them!" Haha. I absolutely love your game--I say more in specifics at the end of the video--and already have it wishlisted on Steam. Incredibly excited for the full release, and I can't wait to see what else this world has in store!